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WBR/chemo/it's a plan


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After meetings among my doctors, it was decided to see if I can be treated without WBR for the time being. Although there are clearly 6 mets, they are planning to see if Tarceva combined with another chemo pill might be effective. They will use Radio Surgery for any brain met they feel need to be treated.

I remain asymptomatic and feel really well. I am really pleased that my doctors went beyond just the nextstep in the play book. The nureo,radiation and thoracic all got together to decide what treatment I needed.

The one item that would change the plan would be a new MRI that shows any additional lesions. That will be done after the holidays - but my plan is NO



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I am glad you are feeling well with no symptoms and docs have a plan for you. Stay strong and I believe in miracles too.

Sending prayers and blessing to you for s great Holiday.

Glad you have such great doctor's, they work as a team. Wish more doctor's did that instead of letting their egos get in the way...Does the word communicate still exist?



Keep us posted...

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