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My coworkers mother was just dx with lung cancer I don't know the stage she is almost eighty years old the docs gave her six-nine months w/o treatment or up to two years with treatment which I dont agree with. How should I introduce Wayne my coworker to this site he is pretty depressed.Any help would be greatly appreciated, and btw I really wish everyone a happy new year.


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Honestly, I have thought about printing up cards with the site's address to give out to people. I just gave it out to our dentist's office manager. I tell people that this is a place of help that has sustained me greatly over the last 2 years. I've found that people always think they will remember the site, but usually ask me later for it again. Now I just make sure they write it down.

It's really nice of you to reach out to your co-worker.

:) Kelly

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I had a co worker here. I sent her the link.

I did the same with a friend.

I don't believe they signed up or posted...but I think that's the beginning and the the end of my role (until they bring it up).

I think this forum works for a lot of people, some know they would not benefit and thus steer clear.


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Tell him your storya dnhow you found us and how we have been able to help you in this journey. Maybe print out a page from one of your posts with responses, that is not too specific?!?!?

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