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Stats-who is a listener and who talks a lot

Donna G

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Did you know that 180 of the 628 of us have never posted? They would definitely be the listeners. 61 posted X1. 60 posted X2 26 posted X 3. ( total of 327 who are quiet) Only 65 of us have posted > than 100 times. We must be the talkers. Foolish stats , I know. So don't pay attention. Have a great day Donna G

I wonder if Rick knows how many guests we have had and how many times or what percent post under "guest" .-- Now this is really going far out.

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Look at the views vs. the replies. I'm sure there are hundreds more that never registered, but you'd think if they bothered to register, they would post. Personally, I've always been a pretty private person and leary of putting myself out there on the internet. I lurked for maybe a month before I got the courage to join in. This just seemed like such a comfortable group and everyone was so nice and now look, picture and all. Never thought I would do that. In any case, I know that all of you (us) talkers are giving much needed support to many who desperately need it and that's what's important.


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Donna, what would life be without foolish stats!!! I turned into a lurker the further my treatments went along. I guess everybody fights in thier own way. Snowflake I love the quote you have--Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway. ~John Wayne-----John Wayne is my all time hero and when I read that quote I thought what a perfect attitude for all of us to take.

David C

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