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Hi everyone. I've been gone for a little while. Still having problem, but find I get nauseated when I come here (maybe its depressed) so I've been staying away. I finished my radiation on the 13th of December and transfered to Moffitt. I went to the Doctor there on the 19th. I really liked them and the team spirit they put out. He wants me to recoup for 4 weeks and then have my CAT scan and regroup. i go in the 19th of Jan for the CAt and the 23rd for results. Problem is I'm not recouping. Pain is finally cutting down enough to start eating some things again, but I'm still vomiting. Somedays once and some days, all day. Been going on since week 4 of chemo, but I haven't done chemo in a month. Still losing weight and getting scared. I think it's related to my reflux, and am trying to get into see a GI, but no one can see me right away. Have a call into my cancer doctor right now, so hopefully something will happen. I can't start chemo again like this. Thanks for listening. Liz

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I would definitely get ahold of your onc and see if he can give you something for that nausea. I will keep you in my prayers for relief from the pain and vomiting and for good scan results. Hang in there and stay strong!

God Bless,


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Hi, Liz:

I pray that you will begin to feel better soon. I have only had chemo twice, going for my third one tomorrow, and already I am nauseated and vomiting quite a bit.

As for reflux, what you need to do, Liz, is get either nexium or acifex, and that will definitely take care of it.

Doctor gave me antinausea prescription and also puts it in the port before the chemo. I don't know what I'd do without it, as I apparently have a weak stomach or something to make me so sick. Funny thing is, the nausea doesn't start until about day 3 after the chemo.

Praying you will feel much better soon.

Love and prayers


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So glad you checked in, but so sorry you are going through this vomiting thing. Are you taking anything to help this acid reflux problem? My girlfriend was put on protonix (sp?) and drank something like Maalox to help with the nausea after radiation to the middle of the chest. She didn't experience the problem until after the radiation was all finished. I'm not sure if yours is chemo and/or radiation related. Please call your Radiologist and Oncologist and get something stronger for the nausea. You shouldn't have to feel this way.

Hoping for better times ahead for you. Will keep you in my prayers. We want to see more pink boas in your future! :D


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So sorry you're battling nausea and reflux. I was taking zofran 3 x day for nausea for months - hey, it's powerful stuff, works!

Plus lorazepam (aka atavan). And took Prilosec daily for over a year.

The only time I felt really lousy was if I hit my gag reflex brushing my teeth the day after cisplatin. I took advantage of all the antinausea meds to eat, felt less bad with something in my stomach.

Hope you start feeling better. Obviously this isn't a simple problem, but you have to keep up your strength.



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I'm sure your docs are onto this (since they probably know way more than me about cancer treatment), but my Mom has Zofran and Decadron (steroid) in her IV before her infusion begins - are you doing that. Additionally she takes Zofran and Decadron twice daily for 2-3 days after chemo, as well as having Compazine available to use as needed for nausea not controlled by the ZOfran.

I hope this helps, but if you're not being "pre-treated" with Zofran it might be helpful - Mom has had very little nausea after her chemo (2 rounds so far...)

good luck!


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