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Hi all. I am back from Hawaii, we had a nice time despite lots of rain :) We saw the doctor this morning, my surrogate is still doing well and 13 weeks pregnant with the two bambinos. I know zip about babies so I have some reading and learning to do.

Just a reminder if you wanted to order some cookbooks!!! :) I am heading to the post office on Mon or Tues to send out 3 orders that came in when I was gone ;)


Ordering instructions:

Book price: $15 per book.

Shipping & Handling: $5 per book.

Shipping discounts are available for bulk orders: $15 for 5 books; $30 for 10; PM or e-mail me for shipping prices for orders over 10 books.

PM or e-mail me for prices on rush shipping

There are two ways to send payment:

1. Paypal to andreascheff@adelphia.net

2. US Postal Mail, Check made payable to Andrea Scheff. Send to:

Andrea Scheff

PO Box 27124

Anaheim Hills, CA 92809

No checks will be cashed until your order ships.

All proceeds benefit LUNGevity!!

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I think I will make another order, but I want to be sure here before I do. I know I need one, but I might need another. Let me check it out.

Congrats on the baby! I knew very little about pregnancy before I had my two, but I do remember saying something about it having a tail and nubs...that is before it splits to have legs and arms! Ha! What a miracle.

My most sincere and warmest thoughts for you!


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Andrea, I love my cookbook and all the people that got one for Christmas gifts are raving about how many easy recipes they have tried from their books. I hope everyone orders at least one.

Now, for the babies!!! I am overjoyed for you. I know you're going to be a wonderful mom. These two babies are very lucky! As for reading up, read what you can but know that a lot of this will come naturally.

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