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Surgery tomorrow - yikes!!!


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Hi everybody – well I saw my thoracic surgeon and he said, “We need to cut that poison out of you”. Tomorrow – kind of short notice, but that will give me less time to think and worry. This is what the Dx reads – perhaps those of you more knowledgeable can translate this –

LULCA / Bronch, Left thoracstomy. LCU Lobectomy mediastinum Lymphaden –

I am a computer guy and this is all Greek to me – I get a general idea from the internet, but I am very sure some of you guys can help me out with this – I go in tomorrow at 6 am – Thanks to everyone in advance!

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I certainly am no doctor. You do need to ask. Always be proactive and ask about your own health care. It looks like to me from what you have written that they are going to do a bronscoptophy and a mediastinopscophy. That is when they look for cancerous lymph nodes to be sure that the cancer has not spread. Also they plan to do an upper left lobectomy or to remove the top portion of your left lung where the tumor is. Your tumor is rather large. Be sure and talk to your surgeon and your oncologist about adjuvant chemo after surgery. Adjuvant chemo is chemo that they give you after surgery to hopefully kill any microscopic cancer cells that may not show up on the scans. Be sure to walk a little each day after surgey and to use the spirometer that they give you. Drink plenty of water and take your pain medication as needed. Prayers for a successful recovery.


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Carol's assessment looks correct to me. Make sure you do your spirometer, walk frequently, take your pain medication as scheduled. When you return home, consider sleeping in a recliner chair if you have trouble lying propped up in bed.

Good luck and may your biopsies show no lymph node involvement.


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Good luck Kevin. I am glad you don't have to wait. I had to wait 3 weeks once I made the decision to have my lobectomy and I hated it. There was a delay because of the holiday season.

Ask for an epidural when you talk to the anesthesiologist. It will make the pain much easier to manage in the short term and it has been shown to make it muh less likely that you would have long term post op pain in the future.

don M

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Hi Kevin,

I think it's great that the treatment plan and actuality are occuring so quickly. The sooner recovery begins. Make sure you do understand what they are doing, why and the expected results. Then what is step 2...

Best wishes for a successful operation and a speedy recovery,(although, from what I've heard recovery is a while).


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