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Suki's great LC update - UPDATED with baby stuff, by request


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I love you guys. I just do. wish I could hang out here like I used to. I feel funny posting this here, not LC related, but everyone's asking so here are the baby details:

I am due July 13, 2007 (it's a Friday! yikes!), so I am 15 weeks (about 3.5 months) pregnant as of today. we ARE going to find out the sex, on February 8 (unless the peanut is feeling shy :oops: ). I have been inadvertantly using the male pronoun since we found out we were expecting, all the women in both of our families are predicting a boy, and all three of us (me, Dave and the technician) thought we spotted a little something-somthing on an ultrasound I had earlier this week, but it's too soon to be official. I will NOT be disappointed if it's a girl, I just don't think it its. :D I've had a minor complication from 6 weeks on but so far nothing to worry about (but, of course, I do), it's just something to watch, and the baby is active and growing everytime we check on him (or her) which is what matters. he (she) moves ALOT every time we've had an ultrasound, but I can't feel it just yet. I am really looking forward to that. I had bad nausea (morning sickness, my a&*, it was all day long) for about a month and then it passed, so I feel pretty lucky.

feeling pretty great right about now, though a little tired - I have to learn how to sleep another way since my tummy is no longer an option (it's actually getting a bit bigger now! :)). Dave is adorable, if I do say so myself. he has always used "chicken" as a nickname for me, and now he talks about his two chickens. it's pretty hilarious. we just can't wait to meet him! (or her). thanks for asking, all, of course I will keep you posted.



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I am just so thrilled for you and your family right now!!! All of this good news just makes me want to cry a big old bunch of happy tears! I am so thankful that Suki's test results were so great! I know how even more wonderful this made the mom-to-be feel. Tell Suki that I'll be happy to share how wonderful being a new grandma is with her! Our little Ella is now two months old and I am truly amazed at how she is growing and so quickly becoming a "little person."

Hope your "sickies" vanish really soon. Hearing from you is such a good thing! It makes me truly realize how very much I miss you on this board!

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Oh I'm so glad to see you post an update on Suki!!

And, of course, love hearing 'bout new babies on the way! LOL

I dreamed, last night, the name of the new baby I'm toting around...but for the life of me I couldn't remember it this morning when I woke!!! :roll: Figures! Have you had any weird "baby dreams" going on? They make for great stories down the road, that's for sure! I'm SO happy and exicted for you and for Suki...the one-lung wonder grandma!!!

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Oh Bunny, I am so thrilled for you & Suki!!! If your li'l peanut holds off for a week or so, maybe Grandma Suki will have another Leo in the fam...?

May the year just keep getting better, and better!!! MANY congrats, and well wishes to you, and yours. Oh, and the sleeping thing? Try lying on your side with one of those big body pillows. Prop your top leg over the pillow at a slight bend, and ENJOY!! I was on bed rest for 6 of the 8 1/2 mos. of my last pregnancy. I spent ALOT of time in this position!!! :roll:

Congratulations, and Hugs!!!


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What wonderful news for your Mom..good health report card, a new job to invigorate her and a summer grandbaby to look forward to. Am really happy to hear your feeling ok. By the way, I was told that I was having twins at 15 weeks...(they are 24 now and call me everyday!)


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