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Seems that I am to go through the radiation cycle again. This time they plan on giving me 35 treatments with a very localized beam. They say it is the size of a postage stamp. I really don't like the Radiation Oncologist they have assigned to me. Not as straight forward as the one I had in New Mexico, but he is confident that he can do this without killing me. Talked with the Medical Onc and he feels that Chemo is not a choice right now because my lungs can only handle so much. Mixing the two now is not advisable. I can get chemo after the rad if it is still indicated. I am going on the assumption that this T1 nodule is going to go away with the radiation and then I can worry about breathing. I'll see the Doc next Monday so I will let you all know what he says. That is if my wife doesn't kill him first.


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Hi Ralph,

It is good that you have a plan of attack in place. Just for the record my radiation oncologist was very confident kind of guy. He told me that he would get rid of my tumor the first time that I went in for my appointment. When I had my CAT scan after my treatment it read: "Remarkable, tumor all but disappeared". It was gone. Praying the same results for you and your wife also.


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Hi Ralph. I had a highly focused beam (IGRT) for my 3rd cancer in my remaining lung. I finished radiation over 7 months ago. I had 4 rounds of alimta as a followup. the final outcome is still up in the air. I had PET/CT scan in mid Dec that the radiologist says showed the tumor tripled in size in 3 months.. I think it is inflammation. I am going to go on steroids 3 weeks before my next scan in mid March. Hopefully the big glowing spot will be gone then. I had great expectations for my radiation. I think my case is kind of a fluke. I am sure your cancer will die. You will have to wait a few months to find out. I had a little round spot on my chest from radiation burn. It was 3.4 cm in diamter.

Don M

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Good to hear from you and sorry that you will have to go through radiation again. Thirty-five is a lot of treatment, so it should zap that bugger forever. We've often thought that, although Tony's cancer has progressed, it has never come back into that little spot he had radiated last year. He only had 15 treatments, so this sounds good for you. Good luck and prayers for your strength and success.


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