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Are You Moody???


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Yeah, but I did before cancer, too... :roll:

You need to step back and relax. You have too much stress in your life. Mentally make a note of what's important and what's just "stuff". Be sure to follow-up on important (kids fit in that) and just flush the rest of it...

If you're tired, take a nap. Trust me, you MAY need a bit more sleep at this point of your life. I could sure use 'em now and was tempted to crawl under my desk today...were it not for the possibility of spiders, I probably would have...

Important things to do every day:

*Get enough sleep

*Get enough hugs

*Count your blessings (five different ones a day - keep a notebook/journal and you'll feel better when you flip back through it)

*Take care of yourself

*Keep your words sweet and count to ten before responding if you're angry.

Xanax is more for anxiety than mood. Anxiety is that feeling of panic or the band around the chest. If your moods are bad enough you are disrupting your house, talk to your doctor about another medication, maybe a daily anti-depressant or a daily pill for anxiety. Explain what you are experiencing and your doctor should know what to start you with. Don't expect it to be cured immediately, it takes time.

Good luck to you!

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Yes - I think I'm moody too. Noise and messes drive me crazy, and I know neither are important in the grand scheme of things. I also snap at my mom, husband, and sometimes my little boy. My poor husband says I'm either crying or angry these days. I'm trying extra hard to enjoy my time with my family and take it day by day, but when it comes down to it, a lot of days I am sad and/or angry, so it's hard. I do think the chemo is somewhat responsible. The week after is especially difficult. I like Snowflake's notebook of blessings idea and might try it too. I'm not a big fan of getting yet another medication to take like an anti-depressant, so trying to get it under control by myself, but one of these days I might have to ask for one. Just wanted to tell you I understand and am acting kind of the same - allthough I don't know the answer to fixing it.

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I know exactly what you mean. I'm pretty good during the day, of course that's because the kids are all in school. I have a bit of patience when they get home, but as soon as I start to get tired, I just can't stand the noise anymore.

There are moments when I just want to shout "will you just SHUT UP!" I feel awful because I didn't used to be like that, at least not on a regular basis. For me I think it's directly related to how tired and achy I am. I find that if I've been on my feet all day I'm tired and my lower back hurts, and that definitely makes me cranky.

I often think that the pains are related to my cancer, but then I think ... I just turned 40 and I haven't exercised on regular basis in almost a year, could this be the source of my problems?!!!!3

When I get to that place where I want to yell at everyone, I make myself a latte and head up to my room with a good book. Sometimes all it takes is a little down time to regroup.

Best of luck to you!

Tracy :D

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Oh My Gosh!! Ya'll took the words right out of my mouth. I am usually fairly patient. Here lately I have been on edge...STRESS is the culprit but what do you do?

Thanks to everyone for talking about this!!


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Yes like Jamie said stress is the culprit. I like Snowflakes idea on how to deal with it. Flush it! :shock: That means to me if you get a negative thought; change it to something fun and positive. With all the chemo I would not feel bad about taking a little nap once in a while.

Stay positive, :)


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You know, Chemo also makes us very moody. Not to mention my Onc told me the chemo would put me right in the middle of my change of life. I was only 43 at the time. Sadly enough, I'm still dealing with it. :shock::evil: But, we're not like most women that come into our change normal. Chemo forces us into it, and it runs a muck on our bodies and our behavior.

And yes, stress does add to our mood swings, but stress seems to be the culpert to everything. And who knows better then we do about STRESS! Cancer and Stress go hand and hand. It's always something.

Hang in there kiddo, your going to be alright. :wink:

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Moody, heck yes!!!

Within that first year I did a lot of meditation tapes--anything by Bernie Siegel helped. I did a lot of journaling too.

I saw and still seee a therapist and am still on anit-depressents. I got monthly massages (gget doctor's ok first) which helped too.

I also did away with a lot of "junk" in my head and in my life. Laundry is in piles, along with mail. It just doesn't have the same charge it used to.


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