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anyone taking Lexapro?


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I don't post very often, but your question caught my eye. I would encourage you to see a physiatrist, if possible, to get their opinion on what you should take. I recently starting taking medicine to deal with some emotional issues I am dealing with, prescribed by my GP. I know he had every good intention to help me, but each case is different. I had a very bad reaction to what he prescribed. Upon seeing a physiatrist, they were able to give me something that had very little side effects and more importantly, explained why it is not always the best thing to just take what your GP offers. They are not the experts in this field. Just some food for thought.

All the best to you,


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I am not a cancer patient, but I do take Lexapro. It has been a Godsent at my house. I was diagnosed with PPD after the birth of my baby in October 2005. I had the meds, but was afraid to take them. Then, when Dad was diagnosed the following March, I started that night! ( I have always taken them at night...just like my prenatal vitamin) The first week I felt somewhat "odd" and by that I mean shakey, but not really dizzy or something. After that first week though, I wish I would have started them back in October!

I have tried to go off of them one time, but noticed that I was more on edge without them. So...what the heck...

Dad started taking something after chemo because he was in a state of depression, and then at night he couldn't sleep. He takes his at night as well. He tried to go off once and we noticed his crabbiness...so back on he went!

Good luck!


My dad has an antidepress

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My sister started out on Lexapro and it really wasn't working well on her. Her Onc. called a psychiatrist who prescribed 2 other types of medicine. They are working great. I think it depends on you and HOW depressed you are. My sister was VERY depressed..it progressed on her with each chemo. She would cry uncontrollably at times. So maybe you should speak to your ONC to see what he says, if Lexapro doesn't do the trick. My doctor just put me on Lexapro today, and I am hopeful it will help me.

Good Luck to you. It is very important to stay positive through all this, so be sure to get the best medicine for YOU.

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I take Lexapro. It is the best working drug that I have ever had to control anxiety that comes with diagnosis and helps keep your thinking a wee more straightened out. (not so much ruminating)

It doesn't make you happy. It just staves off depression.





Niececola mentioned physiatrist....that is a doctor that is in charge of physical medicine...rehabiltative medicine...neurology/muscles/bones etc...?

A psychiatrist...that is a doctor who deals with mental or mind issues, right?

Two different specialties, but a physiatrist has had more training than the average GP in dealing also with depression since that comes with major loss of functions.

Just don't know exactly what Denise meant by physiatrist. I have used physiatrists to help with my recovery for physical therapy, occupational therapy, spine therapy for after my car accident and then

after I was diagnosed with lc. They are a wonderful asset and not very well known in this country by the general pop. about this specialty.


Love Lexapro. That and a hit of ativan every now and then is a wonderful thing.

Cindi o'h

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