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destructive behaviors


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My sister started smoking again the day our loved one died of SCLC.

I want to tell her to stop..but it's such a SAD and stressful time for us all.

She smoked for 15 years, and stopped for 8 months before starting again. She told me "What's the point? I'm gonna get it anyway, so why stop smoking.."

I know not everyone here smoked, and not all people with LC smoke, but there's a greater chance to develop LC if you have a history of smoking...But is she right? Is she right when she says she did 15 years damage already, whats the point of stopping if shes gonna get LC anyway?

With the grief and sadness we all feel...this behavior of hers is so craPPy!

I can't loose her too, but is the damage already done?

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I really don't have time to post....I've only been lurking...but this really CAUGHT my eye!

I smoked for 14 years - from 1970 to 1984. I've been smoke free for almost 20 years. I have NO problems with my lungs. And I pray that I will continue to have healthy lungs. In fact, at my last doctor's appointment he couldn't find a thing wrong with me. And I'm 51 1/2 years old.

Tell your sister...the lungs can and will "repair" themselves. Only God knows who gets cancer and why....but why do something you KNOW is only hurting and not helping your lungs? They are vital and we only have one set! And in addition to cancer you can get COPD, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, bronchitis, and even heart damage from cigarette smoking. Why run that risk!



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I recall an ear, nose and throat specialist stating that 20 years of smoking seemed to be statisically significant. I don't have the technical paper references to back this up but the 20 years always stuck in my mind.

So tell your sister it is not too late.

Perhaps she could try Zyban or the antidepressant Wellbutrin which is the exact same thing. It could help her cope AND help her quit smoking.

And the last argument is that even if she did get lung cancer, if she had stopped smoking her lung function would be good enough for her to get surgery which could CURE her. My Dad had very good lung function because he had stopped smoking aoubt 20 years before so he was able to tolerate lung surgery.

There are MANY reasons to quit and while I agree it is hard for someone going thru grief, I think she should seriously try Wellbutrin.

I'm sorry for you loss.

Hang in there,


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Well, first, emphysema and heart disease are two good reasons to quit, even if the fatalistic view of lung cancer were true. But, of course, lung cancer is a fickle disease: it's hard to pin down who will and who will not get it. Smoking is definitely NOT a guarantee that she will get lung cancer, even if someone else in the family had it.

Many smokers who have quit resume smoking when under stress. And most people take several tries before they quit permanently. She can do it; I hope she will try again soon.

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According to my oncologist, smokers run a 1% chance of getting lung cancer...1% sure doesn't sound like much - unless, of course, YOU are the 1%. Non-smokers have a .1% chance of getting lung cancer, he figured that in my case (age, health history, etc.) my odds were about .05%!

My father was a smoker, well over that 20-year mark. Three years ago, he had a triple bypass that his doctor attributed DIRECTLY to his smoking. This year, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer - when the pack lists possible "carcinogens", that DOESN'T necessarily mean of the lungs...

Your sister is being extremely childish and is using the "what does it matter" as an excuse for continuing her self-destructive behavior. Isn't that what teenagers assume when THEY start? "It won't happen to me, and if it does, so what?" Your sister needs a spanking!

Let's get into smokers' rights....it's not in the Constitution, but the right to "keep and bear arms" is - BUT, there is no right to SHOOT randomly...

I'm kind of hardcore on smokers' rights - sure, they have EVERY RIGHT to smoke, after all, it IS legal....just DON'T EXHALE!

PS I'm wearing asbestos underwear and a flak jacket - expecting all KINDS of feedback on my opinion! 8)

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"Only" 10 percent of smokers will go on to develop lung cancer. Having said that, I have a 9 pack year smoking history, but I have lung cancer....as did my Mother, My Mother's Sister, and My Mother's Brothers. Along with my Mother's Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Not all of these folks were smokers or lived with smokers or worked with smokers.

Your sister needs your help right now to quit smoking. She needs your love, your assistance, but NOT your acceptance of her smoking. Find her a smoking cessation program, help with the cost of stop smoking aids if that's what she needs. But don't ever, not for one minute, let her think that her smoking again is okay with you.

I hope she stops again, and soon. For all of your sakes.

Fay A.

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Dear Guest

sorry that your sister is smoking--- but smokers will always find a way/excuse to smoke if they want to---lets face it, the mind can pretty much justify anything we want it to---when we are doing something that might not be good for us---I am sure she knows the risks and how bad it is for her---

I do not think nagging helps honestly, she will quit when she wants to quit, not when you want her to quit-----for the most part it just does not work that way---

Of course you are not going to encourage it , however, do not let it cause a rift between you----you need each other now for support

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I agree with Bess. She needs to stop being so selfish and grow up.

And she is wrong. Stopping smoking after 15 years, your lungs will surely start repairing themselves, at least some. If she doesn't smoke, then the damage will snowball and get much worse.

I tried to get Dave to quit for the entire 10 years we have been married and he wouldn't. The easiest cold turkey quitting for him came when the oncologist looked him right in the eye and said "your type of LC is almost always caused by smoking". I think he meant SCLC. Dave smoked for 20 years. I'm sure if he had quit 10 years ago this wouldn't have happened.

She has got to stop, she's just looking for a convenient excuse not to take the initiative.

Hang in there.

Karen C.

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