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Should I Be Upset?


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Mom has been gone for 2 years now, Dad has been remarried for 1yr. Dad had 2 wedding bands from his and mom's marriage; a silver engraved band and a gold and diamond band they bought a few years before mom got sick. Dad wants to take some of the diamonds out of the second band and have a piece of jewelry made for my step-mom with it. This has REALLY upset my sister Cindy and I'm somewhat upset too! That was from his marriage with MY mom, why would he give of that to her? Part of me says oh well, it's his, what can I do? Or, should I tell him how I feel. I don't think my stepmom knows about it. I just think it would be in bad taste and, well, disrespectful to my mom who loved him and put up with a lot of crap over the years! My brother thinks we're overreacting. What do you all think?

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I think he didn't ask your step mom. :lol: I doubt she wants something from the first marriage and would rather have something that is just hers. Men just don't think (sorry men-don't write me-it's a well known fact :lol: ). Maybe you should put a bug in his ear and save him from getting his clock cleaned by the new wife.

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Thank you everyone SO much for your help. My brother thinks we are making to be a stink out of this, but then he calls her "mom".(Whole other issue for me that I won't go into.) I think I'll approach him with the how does he think she will feel getting something of my mom's question. Thanks guys, I feel better already! I know he's not doing it to hurt our feelings, he just probably hasn't thought of it the way we do.

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