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Not Sure Just How Much Time Is Left

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My Prayers are with Grace and their girls.

Maybe the stars in the sky are openings where loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy,safe and in no pain.

I don't know how much time we will all have left with our Dad.

He can't get out of bed now,gets out of breath just sitting on the edge. Not eating very much, so are giving him special drinkable foods from our Doctor.

The Doctor said he could arrange for time to be spent in our local hospice, but Dad got quite upset and said he didnot want to go. So the Doctor said they would do all they can to see he is comfortable at home.

It's horrible to watch him so helpless, it makes you wonder how long your spirit and body can take this.

I feel so mean thinking things like I don't want him to go on like this,wasting away. I can't help thinking what must be going through his mind.

He said to Mum two days ago, I think I am dying, she said don't be silly. Maybe people know, as his mind is still sharp.

Thankyou for letting me put my feelings down on this mail, as it sort of takes it out of my head when I have written it down.

God Bless Sonia Uk

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