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Here's one i've thought about alot and that is>>One's thought's or belief's about the Here After are they what you really know and honestly believe or what you hope it is like<<< I'd like to read other's thought's or answer on this.....

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I was just discussing this subject with a good friend of mine the other night and we got into some heavy-duty thinking.

I believe in "Heaven" as your own personalized "good life"...what it is for each of us is different, I think, depending on what would make us most happy. I jokingly told my friend, "Mine will be a constant party where I don't wake up with a hangover the next day!" :shock: When we buried my grandmother we sent nickles with her for the nickle slots that her heaven must have. That type of thing.

Very interesting question, and one I'm sure we've all thought about somewhere along the way.

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I guess i should throw my thought's in this since i started it.First of all Liz13 i've heard of that very talented and gifted young lady and it does leave one wondering.But i still cannot get past what a old Irish priest told me one time and i have a hard time explaining it. But he basically told me that he often felt that at the moment of your death that what ever was on your mind such as good thought's or evil thought's that would become your eternity.And when ever i thought about it i pictured it like it being a very realistic dream and if you think about it and you were never to awaken from the dream that would be forever. As my faith of course teaches a real separation of body and soul and a very real literal place where time and space no longer exist. But i so far have really felt that the answer given tho short and to the point are very deep and well said.....

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I am not religious (but raised Catholic). And I have no idea whether any type of "us" survives after our body is gone. My best guess at the moment would be "no". And it really bothers me. Thinking that my father, all he was, is gone forever and ever is unbearable.

My best friend died last fall; just before my father was found to have lung cancer. She died from pancreatic cancer, only seven weeks after the diagnosis. She was not religious either (raised Mormon). She was not afraid of death, just angry that she was dying at 64. Just before her death she said: "I am confident that there is something waiting for me beyond an emptiness". I thought it strange. But ...

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Don i think what the Old Irish Priest was probly trying to explain to me was if your a good person your thought's would be good and a Bad or Evil life your thought's were bad.Thus your eternity as you had lived your life. and like i said it is hard for me to put in word's but i did understand it. So a tip "o" the brew this fine day.......

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Has anyone read Deepak Chopra's book Life After Death: The Burden of Proof? I saw him promo-ing his book on TV the other night.

Deepak compared death to turning off a TV set. We don't see the broadcast signals to our TV set but when we turn it off and the TV is silent, we trust that those signals are still being broadcast. We don't think the guy that was talking on TV is dead, we just understand that we have lost power to the TV and therefore can no longer receive his broadcast.

So it is too much for our feeble brains to understand. Isn't there a verse in the Bible that says something like that?


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I have seen him promoting that book as well. He says that our spirit=mind=thought="who knows what" lives on. I wonder about that. There is a fellow who appeared on larry king once and people were calling with names of relatives who passed. He was able to see them and to report some messages from them. I found it interesting because the messages were too much for a coincidence. A father told a son that they have put a wrong brand of cigarettes into his coffin. How can this be a coincidence ? The fellow

says that he knows nothing of the other world or of what he sees. He does not understand in what sense the people he sees are alive. Perhaps they do live on

independantly in our thoughts ? I have found it really thought provoking. More so than any religious belief I know of.

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I challenge myself on this...do I want it so bad, I believe it, or do I believe it, because I was made knowing it...my nature finds it very believable that there is something else because that is where I come from.

I usually look at Jesus. Regardless of what he means to you (I am a Christian, he is more to me than a mere great man), he spoke many truths. He spoke of heaven. If he spoke of it, I believe it is there.

His word is truth...it's good enough for me.

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From a book I'm reading:

The psychotherapist C.G. Jung summed up

feelings on life after life in a letter he wrote

in 1944, just a few months before he had

a heart attack.

''what happens after death is so unspeakably

glorious that our imaginations and our feelings

do not suffice to form even an approximate conception

of it.......

Sooner or later, the dead all become what we also are. But in this reality, we know little or nothing

about that mode of being.

And what shall we still know of this earth after

death? The dissolution of our timebound from

in eternity brings no loss of meaning.

Rather, does the little finger know itself a

member of the hand.''

Still hoping for the unspeakably glorius.


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