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Today was a great day for me. I havent had one sad moment all day. I have decided to do Relay for Life through the American Cancer Society. I was concerned because I needed to form a team of 8-15 people. My 2 sisters had said they would do it with me so we met at my sisters to choose our theme and plan things. By the end of the day I have 9 people confirmed and 4 more maybe's. My dad wants to do it with us and although he cant walk for 18 hours he will be there manning the tent. Everyone is so excited. But I am the most excited. I think I have been having the hardest time dealing with moms passing(maybe cuz Im the baby of the family or cuz I fought so hard for her life) and now I feel like she is guiding me to this and I feel like it wasnt all for nothing. We have already gotten 125.00 in donations and I feel like I have a purpose again. I feel like im always so sad when I post here so I thought that it would be nice to hear from me when I am happy. Cancer sucks but life is good.

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Bravo For You and all your efforts!!!

I agree with you... We gotta be pro-active to do whatever possible to help those survivors. We will always cherish our lost loved ones and we CAN do something to try and make a difference. Keep the positive vibes going. Ellie

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I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing in honor of your mom. It sounds like you are putting a great team together. I'm so glad your dad witll be there with you!!! Good luck!!!

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