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New and scared


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Hi. My name is Mary and I am new to this board. I was so thrilled to find a place where others are experiencing the same thing I am.

I am I guess what is referred to as a "nodule watcher". Doesn't sound quite as much fun as being a "whale watcher"!

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because of pain I was having in my rib area. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that I had broken a rib. Pain with breathing, sneezing, laughing, etc. Plainf films showed nothing but the pain continued so a CT scan was done. I knew when my doctor left a message for me to call her that there was something wrong. I had an acute rib fracture and two other fractures, none of which I could explain. In addition, there were mutiple nodules in various parts of both lungs. The largest was 5 mm, most were betwee 2-3. I have been a nervous wreck since I heard the news this past Monday. The 3 month wait will be forever. I am going to see a pulmonologist just to get another take on things. It is unclear if there is a correlation between the rib fractures and the lung nodules. I am at great risk for osteoporosis so a bone density study is being done next week. That may explain the rib fractures. The nodules themselves are pretty scary but when the non traumatic rib fractures are thrown in, makes it even scarier for me. I quit smoking 5 years ago after having smoked a pack a day for 30 years. I have absolutely no respiratory symptoms and in fact, run 1/2 marathons several times a year. As a matter of fact, just finished one a couple of weeks ago.

I have been a wreck the last few days and even had to start up with my therapist. I know statistically, most small nodules are benign. I am more concerned about the number of nodules. I am reading that multiple nodules can be indicative of metastatic disease. I keep telling myself to not worry unless I find out that I really have something to worry about.

Sorry this is so long. Just needed to get it out. Thans for listening!


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Hi Mary...I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry that you're going through such a scary time. There are quite a few "nodule" experts here that I'm sure you'll be hearing from soon. In the meantime, I think you're doing the right thing by seeing a pulmonary Doc for another opinion. Wait and see has to be the worse thing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You've found a wonderful site for help and support!


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Welcome, like you said most small nodules are benign. That is what you have to believe till proven otherwise. I know it's hard not to worry, but worry will do you any good. A PET scan may tell you more. Allways consider a getting a second opinion or even a third. Keep us posted.

Stay ppositive, :)


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Hi Mary!

I'm with you...I'd WAY rather be whale watching!! :lol::lol:

Sorry you find yourself here - but now that you are, please know you now have a support network of MANY!! We'll do what we can to help alleviate the fears.

I'd write more, but my 'puter is giving me trouble...I'm ready to re-format it with my Remi... :shock:...if you get my drift... :roll:

Good luck next week!!

Yours in HOPE!! (& Watch!)


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H Mary: I hope the nodules turn out to be nothing. It may be that the rib pain and nodules are completely unrelated. If it is lc, at least you have the benefit of early detection. Early detection is a 2 edged sword. It can give you a heads up , but may be the cause for needless worrying. I would rather know about any and all nodules and deal with the worry.


don m

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