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Hi everyone


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First of all, i must say that i'm 18, female...

well. i don't have cancer but after reading some of the posts here.. i was crying.. yes, crying.. what you wrote was so touching that i vowed to myself [some minutes ago] that once my cigarettes pack is finished, i wont buy anymore...

i wanted to ask, is it ok to be a member of that board without having cancer?

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Hello fanfan. There are truly some great sites out there that are specifically designed to help folks cope with the stress of deciding to not smoke. First off you have made a wonderful decision. One of the sites I found most helpful was Quitnet.com.

Check it out and best of luck.

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Welcome. Yes! You are more than welcome to be here. You can learn so much from us that you can take out into the world and be an agent of change. You will find that you are not alone in quitting smoking, and will find a great support group here for that as well.

I hope and I pray for you, that you NEVER have to touched so deeply by lung cancer, as so many here have been...and I think by being here you are getting the education you need to be one step ahead, your whole life.

Blessings to you,


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Take the money that you would spend on smoking and put it in a jar, then a savings account, then each year you will be able to take a vacation or a cruise. You will find this a lot healthier than smoking.

Stay positive, :)


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well, i didn't come here to ask for help but mainly to tell you all that i've really been touched by what you wrote and admire your courage and strength... really guys, compared to you i'm really weak. nope, let me rephrase, i am really weak in my life and you are my inspiration to get stronger in life...

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We are all human and as such have our moments of weakness. The times to remember are those times when we do (or did) the things no one thought we could!

Let me extend my welcome to you, also...and my hopes and prayers that the disease that brought us all together never touches your life.

You're right, there are some amazing people here! Welcome aboard!

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Don't be so hard on yourself. You are 18 and have a lot of life ahead of you to live and learn. Strength often comes in the form of life experiences. Quitting smoking is "one" of those experiences -- take pride in yourself for this decision.

Don't let perceptions of weakness or mistakes define who you are as a person.

Bless you,


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