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statistisc ???


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:( Why the survival rate in LC is so low? I know hey are only numbers, but is scarred. How do they do it? The 5 years low count is for healthy patient or with advance lc? I don't know why I read them, because not only confuse me but depressssss me a lot, even if I am feelng great.

Did some of you know someting about tis?

Thanks, hugs & payers for all of us

bucky :?

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The best advice I can give you regarding Stats is STOP READING THEM! They are at least 3 5o 5 years behind on those stats. And 3 & 5 years ago we didn't have all the new chemos a cancer drugs we have today. Not to mention they don't tell you the age groups, and the added health issues these people may or may not have, etc., etc., etc. There are two sides to Stats, your here or your not. Bucky my friend, your here and that's the GOOD NEWS and that's ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! Live in the moment, because that's all any of us have.

No more reading them, you hear me???? Theres a LOT behind those stats that we don't know. Not to mention there pretty general.


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Connie is right. All stats are old news, old treatments.

You are one person, not a fraction.

You are here now.

One step at a time, keep looking forward.

I wouldn't even look at those kinds of research until a few years out.

Then I didn't need to.

All I know is: one person is 100%.

I'm here now, so I'm starting out right.

Love and hugs to you, Bucky.

One step at a time...



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