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starting Chemo question


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My dad is starting taxol/carbo combination to fight the NSCLC that is type Large Cell Carcinoma. they want to do 3 rounds and evaluate.

in others experiences do many seem to respond well? I know that everyone is different but I kinda want a mix bag of experiences.

other than drinking an smoking my father putters in the garden and is up around doing things from a early hour to 10-11 at night doesnt eat much but taking a med for that... will that change much?

hes on a med to increase his appetite... so it seems to be helping he just made a sandwhich!

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I responded well to Taxol/Carbo/Avastin. Switched from taxol to Abraxane because of an allergic reaction during my 2nd infusion, but it's pretty much the same drug. I could tell it was working after my first infusion, I just felt better. I never had a problem with my appetite except for a couple days following treatment. I had some constipation and general nausea that made me not want to eat a whole lot, but that didn't last long. I got a little bit more tired as treatment went on, and after my 4th-6th cycle had to have someone help me with the kids the day after chemo. Other than that, I still was up early in the am and to bed at around 10pm. Hope your dad does well.


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Tony had 8 cycles (21 days each) and did quite well. He was never nauseated and crashed about 3 days after the chemo for about 4-5 days. He golfed throughout all the cycles and, thinking back, life was pretty darn normal. His appetite was always good, but food didn't always taste so great. He gained weight back that was lost prior to diagnosis and his breathing improved tremendously. Make sure your Dad stays hydrated.

It worked well and scans showed reduction in tumors right up until he had an allergic reaction to carboplatin.

Good luck to your Dad!


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I responded well to Carboplatin and Taxol, but I also had Tarceva. I had to work at maintaining my weight. I had to eat a lot more. I did end up gaining 20 pounds. I had no bad reactions. Let's pray your dad has good results.

Stay positive, :)


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I also did well with Carbo/Taxol and had good results. I also had a bad reaction to the Taxol. I stopped breathing and past out. My doctor gave me oxygen for about 30 min and tried Taxol again and I was fine. I handled chemo pretty good. I was down for a few days about 3 days after chemo was done. It also started to hit me harder with each treatment towards the end. It did affect my taste buds so sometimes I just did not want to eat. Like others have said make sure he drinks plenty of fluids. I hope everything goes well.

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My Mom just finished her 4th round of Carbo/Taxol (administered once every 21 days). She is fine on the day of her chemo and the day after, and then is tired and sore for the next 2-3 days. She hasn't esperienced any nausea (make sure they will hang meds for that), but she did lose her hair two weeks after fer first treatment. Most her her soreness comes from her Neulasta shot (to keep her WBC up. it is given 24 hours after the chemo) which seems to settle in her joints. She has her treatment on Wednesday. Saturday and Sunday are her yucky days, by Monday she is on the upswing. Just to illustrate, she had her treatment a week ago on Wednesday. On Friday evening she went out to dinner and shopping. Sat and Sun she was tired and "washed out" but Monday she was able to go to her Bible study group.

Hope this helps and good luck to your Dad!


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My mom had gemzar/carbo (it was supposed to be taxol/carbo but the doctor changed at the last minute because he said gemzar was better than taxol for a diabetic, which she is).

She was never nauseated, although at times didn't have a big appetite. Other than that and some fatigue and bone pain (mostly from the Neulasta shot), she did great.

She did not lose her hair either.

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