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Hi, I'm EDRJR's sister


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Hello all you wonderful people! I'm so glad my brother found this site, and plan on making full use of it.

We will hopefully be getting results of Daddy's PET scan this afternoon, and one of us will post them.

I got very scared this morning, as we all live out of town, and Dad is being stubborn about letting any of us 5 kids stay out here with him. I talked with his nurse this morning getting his prescriptions lined out and she mentioned that he might be moving to a "home health" situation sooner than we expected.

I saw an advertisement for Cancer Centers of Amercia-can I get some input on where you might think we should reach for some second opinions? I have no idea where the best area for treatment is, but I want to know we exhausted all options before we just give up. Dad is very frail but he is feisty and I think he is receptive to a second opinion, but I want to make sure it's a QUALITY second opinion.

Anyway, glad you are here, thanks for the good info, well wishes, etc that you are sending our way.

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Second opinions are very important, if not crucial. If possible go to a major comprhensive cancer center. It's a lot easier & faster to get appointments with them than most people realize. You don't tell us where your father lives, that could be helpful as members here have been to major cancer centers all across the country. Good Luck & God Bless


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Go to a major cancer center as others have mentioned. In Chicago a great one is the University of Chicago Medical Center. Outside of this area are many options with M.D. Anderson in TX being top notch for lung cancer.

We live in the Chicago area and the CTCA are a bit of a nudge-nudge, wink-wink thing among area patients, clergy, and doctors. (They have a center north of Chicago.)

Best of Luck,


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Leslie S--Welcome! I echo the opinion of those telling you to definatley seek a second opinion. My mother has also mentioned CTCA if her Dr. decides to stop treating her. I don't know anything about them either, but I may need to find out.

Good luck,


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Me again guys, by the way my sister is awesome. My Dad lives in Lebanon, MO near Springfield, MO. We also have family near Little Rock, AR, Lynchburg, VA

Memphis, TN and Austin, TX. He is currently being treated at Cox South in Springfield, MO. Any info on second opinions and or treatment centers in any of these or close to any of these would be great. My Sis is getting the list of all test and treatment like you all have posted on your posts, so she will get it on here ASAP. Thanks again, you are all awesome people.

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Here are the places in MO. from the list I posted above.

MO Kansas City St. Luke's Hospital Debbie Hay 816-932-9026

MO Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital Alan S. Gamis, MD 816-234-3265

MO St. Louis Barnes-Jewish Hospital Shirley Johnson 800-600-3606

MO St. Louis St. John's Mercy Cancer Center Cancer Answer Line 314-569-6400

I don't know how close they are, but it may be worth the trip.

Stay positive, :)


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I've tried to list everything as closely as possible. The last talk with the lung cancer coordinator at the Oncologist's office indicated that Dad is probably Stage 1. They are looking at building up his lung function with medications, then removal of his entire right lung, followed by chemo & radiation.

Dad's spirits have really improved since he sees a glimmer of hope now.

I'm scared of what treatment will be like for him. He seems so weak to me.

I think I need to hear some truthful stories from you folks who have been there, about what exactly my Dad will probably go through if he's able to have this surgery and chemo.

Thanks again. I'm so glad you are out there.

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