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Finally have a diagnosis.


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Which is: Squamous Cell Carsinoma (malignant). Stage IIIa. Mets to lymph nodes in and around RT lung. Tumor blocking airway to RT lung. Partialy colapsed RT lung.

I got a look at the tumor when they did the bronchoscopy last week. It's pretty big. A LOT bigger than 5cm.

A note: The doc could NOT guarante there wasn't some microscopic spreading to other areas that, as of yet, were too small to pick up.

I'll be getting options from my treatment team tomarrow morning and deciding on where to go from here.

No real suprizes here. I just now have a name to put to what's growing inside my body. (hmmm... Think I'll name it "Alphonse" :))

(I hope my sense of humor doesn't offend anybody here. I've been accused of being a bit on the "sick" side ... which is true, but it's gotten me through a lot of rough times in the past.)

Anyway, another step on this journey I'm on. (rather reluctantly, I might add :))


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Hi Dean,

Welcome aboard. Alphonse is not welcome but nothing we can do about it, is there? The little malignant pieces are what chemo is for, to take care of all the things one cannot see, and given that the tumor is obstructive, I wouldn't be surprised if they went to remove it. They may even be exahustively thorough, God bless them, and give the Alphonse's neighborhood radiation for good measure.

In any case, go in with a list of questions, and write down the answers (Or you won't remember much) or better yet, bring somebody who will write things down for you, and help you remember your questions.

Remember you are a participant, not just a subject here. Be proactive, ask questions, get involved !! Now that they know better what they're dealing with, they'll be better prepared with a plan to deal with it.

Keep your chin up, Dean, and take it one step at a time. You're in good company here.

Warm Regards,



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It's like ED (Evidence of Disease)...you know...the evil twin of everyone's favorite guy, NED (No Evidence of Disease)? Everyone loves NED. He's the best buddy of men and women alike. But ED, well.....he moves in and there goes the neighborhood. So we just have to make things very uncomfortable for him and his ilk...

ED and Alphonse? Just a matter of time before we wipe them out.

Fay A.

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Hi Dean,

I think it is time to make Alphonse "homeless"....don't usually like that word but for Alphonse it sure sounds good.

Hope you are doing okay and that you know more today as you stated. My husband's left upper lung was collapsed. It had two tumors in it. One was 8cm and the other 2cm plus he had 5 nodes with microscopic cells swimming around looking for homes. Three of them evidently found their way to his brain but with whole head radiation them were terminated.

Nothing messes with my Buddy's head except me......

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