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Mom NED in Lung 2nd line treatmnet of Irinotecan for Liver

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We met with the oncologist today-My Mom is NED in lung!!! The liver met is going to be treated with

irinotecan starting on the 31st-after she returns from vacation. So I guess overall we had good news today. Anyone with any experiece with irinotecan-please let me know.


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Hey, that's great news! My Mom gets a CT scan on Monday.

Mom just finished round 3 of irinotecan--AKA camptosar/CPT-11--with cisplatin on day one (maybe the last one? we're afraid to say it's the last treatment but her onc had originally said 3 rounds). It caused diarrhea and stomach cramps. My advice is to stock up on the Immodium--Mom likes the chewable ones. If the diarrhea is severe, they can give something stronger but Mom wanted "NO MORE MEDICINE!"

We also think it has caused the constant runny nose. No antihistimine has helped with that either...just lots of paper towels!

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I am so happy to hear things are going in the right direction. What could be better than a vacation on top of good news? I am sending positive thoughts that things will continue to go well.

I love the photo of your mom. She has such a contagious and beautiful smile!


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