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How long with it take?


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My mom started radiation today to her tail bone. She is in a LOT of pain. They had to give her an IV of morphine for her to even be able to lay on the table. Now she is on a perscription of morphine for the pain. People have said they have gotten relief pretty quickly but how quick is quick? Will she feel any better by the weekend? I feel so bad for her. She is supposed to have 10 sessions.


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Although Alan did not have mets to the bone, his last

lymph node growth grew into the nevers in his shoulder.

he was in very bad pain. Once radiaiton started I belive he was pain free in about 10 days.

So I think is relief came fairly quickly, again he

did not have mets to the bone. I hope your Mom has

good results.

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This is so frustrating. :cry: I just want to cry for my mom. I don't understand why she is not getting relief from the radiation? I was so hoping for quick relief and here it is 1 day after her treatment ended and she is still having to take 2 pain pills every 4 hours. I just hate this. I want to make it go away and knowing that I can't is just making me crazy.

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The game plan right now is to have a hemorrhoid removed next week to see if that is causing any of the pain. She developed a bad one after she started taking all the pain meds. They made her very constipated. I can't imagine that is causing such pain but maybe she has some internal as well. I hope it brings her a little relief anyway. If that doesn't work, I am not sure. Still hoping that the radiation will do something. I understand it continues to work for a couple weeks after treatment ends.

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Radiation will work months after.

Hemorrhoid?? :shock: Wow, I know they can be very painful and I'm going to hope that's what it is, because that can be fixed somewhat easily!

I'm just so sorry she is having all this pain. I KNOW how hard this is on you. She's a lucky mom to have such a wonderful daughter. Stay strong and know we're here for you.

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