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Am I Being Paranoid?


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Ok here it goes. In May I started to get a shoulder pain in my left shoulder and it hasn't gone away. It doesn't hurt until I move it a certain way (and of course I do this 100 times a day :wink: )

I finally went to my GP-she moved it every which way-says it's probably tendonitis and gives me a script for a physical therapist. I tell her I want an X-ray done-she thinks I don't need it-I insist. Ok so the results came back-I have a bone spur...nothing I can do about it etc...

Of course reading sooooo many stories on here about how people are first diagnosed because of pain in their shoulder I want a cat scan done. I know I am going to have to fight my Dr tooth and nail for this and that really pisses me off! This is my life not her's. She knows about my Mom's lung cancer and probably just thinks I am being paranoid-which I am!!! I can't help it. I did smoke for 15 years and quit 10 years ago. we all know-none of that matters!!!!

Do you think I need to lie to get the Cat Scan? Should I make my symptoms even worse than they actually are.... :lol: ??


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I feel your pain - really, I do. I wish I would have pushed harder for further tests - you have every right to do so! Could you, perhaps, change doctors? I know that is easier said than done,but I don't think your doctor is very sensitive to your concerns. Will keep you in prayer.

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Thanks Guys-

Kasey-Yes I think I am beginning to feel that pain in my chest now.... :wink:

I was always very concerned about my health but since my Mom was DX and I saw first hand how she had 0 symptoms and has one of the worst cancers to have and didn't know until it was 9x9 cm that you can never take any kind of symptom to lightly.

The GP is on vacation until next Monday-I am calling her first thing-if I have to change Dr's I will...I'm not that wild about her anyway.


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I'll play the other way.

You need a cortisone injection in the

shoulder to start with and AFTER


to rule out cancer.

I was unable to move my shoulder

and in continously pain for over

a year.......no lc and was checked

as I already have two cancers and

my husband died from lc.

Now after two injections, may need

a third one, my shoulder is mine

the pain is gone for 99% of the time

Read this;

Another common site for bone spurs is the shoulder. Your shoulder joint is able to move in a number of directions due to its complex structure. Over time, the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that make up your shoulder can wear against one another. The muscles that allow you to lift and rotate your arm (called the rotator cuff) start at your shoulder blade and are attached to your upper arm with tendons. As these tendons move through the narrow space between the top of your shoulder and your upper arm, they can rub on the bones. Bone spurs can form in this narrow area that, in turn, pinch the rotator cuff tendons, resulting in irritation, inflammation, stiffness, weakness, pain, and sometimes tearing of the tendon. This condition, rotator cuff disorder, commonly occurs with age and/or repetitive use of the shoulder. It is also common in athletes, especially baseball players, and in people such as painters who frequently work with their arms above their heads.

I was working using my arms over my head

for two afternoons a week, something I had

not done before.....new work,,,,new pain.

God luck


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You can always get whatever you want done. The question is who pays.

If the Doc is concerned, he'll prescribe, ins pays.

If he doesn't prescribe you can still contact the hospital and get in for it and pay out of pocket for it.

Also, some hospitals have a LC screening program explicitly...maybe call and ask.

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But remember - radiation is cumulative and can lead to cancer. I don't know if I'd jump to the testing due to shoulder pain if you have no other issues, like shortness of breath, unexplained weight loss or gain, coughing up blood...

In the end, it's your decision.

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Hi Dar...

No I don't think you are paranoid...I just think you are being cautious as you should be....You sound like you have a lot of spunk...so do what cha gotta do the get the CT/Scan....possible dx outway's the radiation....go for it girl...hugs..Nonni

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My daughter went out and had a CT scan as soon as she found out that I had cancer. It has been recommended for anyone that might be high risk, heavy smoker or history of cancer in family. If you wnat to get one, get it. You might remind your doctor that you are the patient.

Stay positive, :)


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Yes you are so right. My mum doctor told her she was fine, even though she was in so much pain. They never told her to go for a ct scan and we regret it, if we had of things might not be as bad as they are now. she has a tumor that has spread. anyone who is worried about that sort of thing.. dont take a chance. Doctors know nothing half the time. I am very bitter about all this.

hope your scan proves that everything is fine, and you can stop worrying


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Dr called back-I can't believe that I can't just get a script for a cat scan. She is sending me to an orthopedic Dr. She said she can't just send me for a cat scan for shoulder pain that is getting progressively worse? I said "are you the one who pays $750.00 a month for health insurance?" Unbelievable. So off I go to see the orthopedic Dr.....maybe he will send me for one.

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