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Getting to Know You - September 20


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We did not do it,

the dog did it.

jumping on the door for

a welcome, turned the dead

lock knob on, we never used

that lock so had no key on us

for it........

Windows are made to be used

so we got in.

My neighbor had her door freeze

on her, she was unable to get out

of the house, so opened the window

to climb out to push on the door

to open it, but lost her footing

and ended head fist in the snowbank.

Mike went to the rescue when he

saw two legs sticking out of a

snow bank.

In Quebec in the winter we don't

lock outselves out, the locks

freeze on us, so we use lock

de icer but still use matches

to warm up the key.


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Yes one time that I can remember vividly. On the screen door we also have a hook and eye attached. Somehow the hook was in the up position and when the door was closed it fell into the eye. Talk about one in a million. Had to take the screen off a side (lucky it was summer) window and had my daughter (she was about ten) go through the window then open the door for us. She thought it was cool. :) Also last year locked myself out of the car twice, not only with the keys in it but was still running. No explanation for that-- just out to lunch. :lol:

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Alan is famous for locking himself out of just about

everything. I used to had direct dial to the Ford

dealership to have new keys made. The one time he

locked himself out of the house he just kicked the

door in. As it was the door leading from the garage

to the kitchen, and I came in the front door from work I thought someone had broken in.

Needless to say we had a week-end project putting the

door jam back together. :roll:

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I have done this quite a few times in my life but the recent instance was the wildest yet. Dick and I were babysitting little Ella on a nice Sunday afternoon. She was sleeping peacefully in her crib,so we thought we'd sit on the patio and enjoy the nice breeze. When we closed the sliding glass door behind us, the security bar fell down and we couldn't get back in. My cell phone was in the house, so I couldn't call for a locksmith or call my son to come home. The neighbors weren't home and I had no car keys. So, Dick walked down the street and tried to call my son. He was in a movie and had his cell phone turned off. So, the next call was for a locksmith. All this time, I spent praying that Ella wouldn't wake up. All ended well.

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I never did but I was locked out of my house.

When my kids were small in Louisiana they had cousins close to the same age. I always suspected they were coming in the house while I was gone to visit an aunt next door. One day I got home and found myself locked out of my house. Lucky I always kept one of the kitchen windows opened for ventilation. My youngest son crawled through and opened the door.

When I saw the pantry open and the bag of bubble gum opened too I had no doubt how the door got locked. After that I locked my door and took the keys even when I was just next door.

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The biggest adventure was when I locked myself out, not of my house, but out of my room when I was about 19.

I lived in an apartment upstairs with a roommate and always kept my bedroom locked. Well, I left my bedroom key locked inside my bedroom one day. I had come home from the beach, with a car full of people and went upstairs while they waited outside. Finding my door locked, I went in my roommates bedroom, opened her window, and wearing nothing but her short terry cloth wrap-around robe that I had decided to throw on in the process, proceeded to walk the ledge to my open bedroom window. I remember stopping halfway and contemplating my possible error in deciding to walk the ledge since it was alot higher than it had seemed from the ground and alot longer and I wasn't exactly sober. My landlords, who had rented to me with reservations because of my age, happened to look out at that exact moment of reflection, dialed the police because they thought I was trying to jump and came running out to talk me down. Add to this mix 1 carful of stoned guys, and one of them who's voice resounded from the street "hey man, is she flying?". And of course all the neighbors who had decided to come out on their stoops to watch the half naked girl jump from the ledge.

I only lived in that apartment for a year but I think I made a lifetime of crazy memories there... and probably a lifetime of nightmares for the poor landlords. :shock:

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I've been laughing so hard reading some of these!!!

I have a bad habit of not locking my door, except at night, so I've never been locked out, but reading about the neighbor stuck in a snowbank, Debi "walking the ledge", :wink: and picturing Welthy standing outside of her house pushing the button on her car remote, to open her house door, has been an excellent way to start my day!! :D

I'm glad the Board is back up - I've missed you all!


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