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Well I Guess By Now You Know I Don't Know How to do This


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Hi, I have been trying to post this message a couple of times, but as you can guess I am not very computer literate so please excuse me. I had cervical cancer about 40 years ago and was treated with surgery, I do not know what kind it was. In 1995 I had cancer of the larynx it was squamous cell, and was treated with radiation successfully. I have an ENT Doctor that ordered chest x-rays every 6 months. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of 2003, I had a lung biospy and it was diagnosed as bronchoalveolar carcinoma, I had bone scan and it showed hot spots at sites of previous cancers. I had pet scan and it ruled this out. I was a candidate for surgery because it was a different kind of cancer. I had a thoracotomy to remover right lower lobe and was told there was no lymph involvement. So I am going for a third miracle. I am about 9 weeks after surgery. I went back to work after 1 month. I still have pain but not severe, I take advil and 1 hydrocodene. I have been prescribed neurontin so I can sleep at night. 300mg at bedtime I am interested in anyones experience with this drug. Also if any of you ladies know of any kind of bra that does not bother incision. I want you to know that I am truly blessed, I see so many heartbreaking stories on the board. I thank God for a vigilant Doctor and for every day I wake up . Hoping I get this message on this time. :lol: 3Times

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Congratulations 3times..you made it on the board and we are happy to have you.

Boy you've really been there done that haven't you!! You will find people here who are warm, welcoming and full of information and useful tips.

As to you question re: drug I don't know it so I'm no help there. I can't help you much with the bra thing either as I was not working at time of operation and just opted not to use one. So that wasn't much of a problem either.

Sorry I couldn't be of any help but I'm sure there will be many many who can.

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Hi three times,

You have six more lives to go, whatever they may be and that will probably take you to 100 yrs of age. Most only get one time around in life. Your body really takes in the meds and uses them.

Sorry, I don't know anything about your requests but just wanted to welcome you and congratuate you on being such a great trooper in this unending fight for survival.

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Welcome 3Times,

You are living a blessed life. As for your questions:

Neurontin is okay, I take it for pain, nerve pain, and although the Dr. wanted me to take 900 mg twice a day I can only tolerate 300 am and 600 pm. It can take some getting used to, and should not be stopped abruptly. I found it disrupted my equilibrium a little, so I had to be careful if I had to get up at night to use the facilities. Apparently it is a pretty well known and widely used medication. Are you having some side effects that concern you?

At the very beginning, I didn't wear a bra, but when I started to, they all fell down over my one shoulder ( I am missing a collarbone). I resorted to athletic bras that are very soft and have the T strap in the back, go on over the head with no fastenings... otherwise I kept feeling the one strap sliding down. I doubt this will work well if you are very full figured.

May your good luck continue, you are apparently a very lucky lady.

If I might ask, what stage was your diagnosis? as you apparently aren't following up with any chemo or radiation? I am just curious ....

Warmly, and welcome,


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Welcome to the 3 times is a charm club. How did we get so lucky???

As for the bra question---Barely There makes a stretchy bra that has absolutly no seams or underwire. But when I had the breast cancer and mastectomy, I used a Jockey bra that was really thin but supportive.

Hope this helped.


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Hi, 3times!

When I first went back to using support other than a rolled up towel (worked great as a "shelf" when recuperating on the couch), I bought some of the tank tops with built in bras. At first, it was hard to get 'em on (had to have hubby help me, hurt to have my arms over my head), but they gave some support without straps that dug into my shoulders or slid down them...

When I started to feel less pain, went to a "mastectomy" bra that fastened in the front (no wrestling to fasten in the back). Wide straps, almost like a sports bra in the back.

Finally made it back to my pre-lingerie about three months after surgery...

Keep the PMA (positive mental attitude)!

Best of everything,


aka Snowflake

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Hi there 3x,

I was put on Amitriptyline (Elavil) 50mg. It's an older antidepressant which has a side-effect of helping with nerve pain. I'm staying on it because it helps me sleep. I've also had Neurontin which didn't help me with anything. And for people it works for, I think it's over-kill. Ask your oncologist about Elavil. It's cheap and maybe it will work for your sleep, too.

As for the bra question: It seemed to me that what would feel good would be something that would allow little or no movement. So I went to various stores and bought sports bras that, looking for no side seems. (Can't remember if I was successful concerning the seems) I found sports bras a lot more comfortable!! Now I hear doctors are recommending them.

Continued luck. Cancer should just give up on you!!!


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