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D day


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I have to tell you that today is one of the worst memorable days of my life. This is the day that Gerald was diagnosed with cancer. There are 4 D's you know....I figured this out while posting on another board today - diagnosis, disease, digression and death....and they all are so so sad. Somehow I will get through this day and the next 5 1/2 monthes with certain days and events - like biopsies, chemo - etc. There were good days and bad days....most days he was in sooooo much pain. Rambling a bit but just hoping some of you can offer me some help in getting through the next 5 1/2 monthes of these mentally stressing anniversaries.


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We are all here for you 24/7. We remember Ger and his journey as we walked that walk with you. I recall his 'shack' visit......sugar shack, I believe. Personally, I grieve each occasion with each person as they go down this very path. I offer my support and compassion. Your wonderful hubby was so special to you as you are to all of us. Let us prop you up a bit as you reach each of those 'D' days. Hope knowing that we care helps in some small way.


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