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Well here I go again, I will be returning to Chemo. 1x every 3 weeks not bad.I was thinking of getting a port or portal, I don't know the name of it. this is as I hear it easier then being stuck with the needles. It looks like I have an fight on my hands and I want to just make it a little bid easier if I can. ( Yes I'am scare of needles :lol:

I have pain in my leggs and chest now and sometimes its hard to just get up and going. I put my self and get thru the day. well I will end now as I sound like I'am on the pity pot. but before I end I have two more weeks left this term in college to go and then finals, wish me luck.

Terry Bones ( TBones)

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My mom got a port in her arm and it made the chemo so much easier. After her first round she called the surgeon and said "let's do the port." She's been very glad to have it. Others might have other experiences, but that is hers.

Good luck with your chemo. You know we will be here for you!


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