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I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Connie and I live in South Elgin, Illinois. My husband was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma April 24, 2006, and died this year January 22.

When he was diagnosed a mass was located on top of his right lung, which was the Squamous Cell. We never found the primary source. I have been exposed to other cancers as my mother died from breast cancer and my stepmother from bone cancer, but I knew nothing about lung cancer. I learned a lot very quickly.

It is a long story how I came to join the LCSC forum but basically I want to get involved, and try to make a difference, reaching out, educating, and making a larger awareness for lung cancer.

I am looking forward to speaking with some of you in the future.

Connie Rausch

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Welcome Connie,

Sorry to hear about your husband but glad you found us. This is the best place for sharing, caring, support and hope. If you want to get involved you have the LUNGevity Foundation @ www.lungevity.org right in your own back yard which is doing some great things for lung cancer research and awareness. They have numerous events going on right now across the country and also this board is under there umbrella. Check them out. I do hope you stay with us and get involved and let us know also how we can be of help. Prayers for the best.


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Welcome Connie!

We need everyone to help tell the world that we need to focus more $ on lung cancer research. There's no one better than someone who has been touched by the disease. I'm sorry that you fall into that category, but I suspect your husband would be proud that you want to make a difference.


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