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Prayers Please!!


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Someones signature on here (can't think of who right now) says that when prayers go up that blessings come down. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am dad is scheduled to have his mediastinoscopy. If there is no lymph node involvement there then he is a go for surgery to remove the right upper lobe. The PET scan did not lite up there, just showed slight enlargement. Docs said that it could have been due to infection. They said to remain POSITIVE!!! And that is what we are doing. I am asking for prayers for my father to get thru the sugery well, and for God to help guide the surgeons during the operation. They said that we would know with 95% certainty before he leaves there tomorrow what the results of the surgery were. So hopefully by lunch tomorrow we will know that dad will be able to have surgery and not need chemo or radiation. Prayers, prayers and more prayers please!!! I am not able to be with him tomorrow due to my work and the distance to where dad is having the procedure done so a prayer or two for me to get thru the morning would be appreciated as well!!

Tomorrow is also my parents 45th wedding anniversary!!! :D:D


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