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Hi everybody,

I had my first 6-month scan yesterday and my lung looked clear--NED! I have been having chest pains and all sorts of weird things going on in the last couple of months, so requested the scan be done a few weeks earlier, and was very nervous and scared about it. Thank God it looked fine and I can now relax over the holidays.

The doctor feels my symptoms are either stress related or might be my heart which should get checked out. I have been under some serious stress at work since August and just have a very hard time dealing with work-related stress. Anyone have any ideas? Any good reading recommendations on how to deal with the stress cancer adds to an already stressful life?

Regards to all!


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I put in the html tags myself. You need to put an html tag before the content you want in italics and at the end to tell the program to end the code. The beginning command is placed inside a set of "greater than/less than symbols," e.g. <> You put the letter i inside to begin the italics. To end the code you put a /i inside the symbols. If this sounds confusing I have to type it this way rather than show it because if I do it the right way it reads it as code and doesn't show up in the text of this message. The letter "b" will bold text and the letter "u" will underline. I placed the symbols with an i inside immediately before this sentence and the symbols with an /i inside immediately afterwards. Thus italics. It's a lot simpler than it sounds.


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Yes, I know that but you only get those options when your posting (like right now). When you're in Profile, you have no options to change font etc. I'm referring to the footnote you have re your 'avatar' which must be part of your 'signature' as it's not part of your post. Hope I explained that OK?

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you always have the option to alter the text, it just takes a little more work in teh signature because you have to put in the html codes yourself.

in your profile, in the signature part, make sure it says HTML on. then put this sign [ then right after it put an i then put the opposite sign after ]. that goes in front of the text you want in italics. then at the end of the text, put the same three symbols, but in front of the letter i you have to put a / sign to close out the html code.

sorry i had to type it out but if you put them in as they are, they won't show up, as they are code not text. here is what they look like, but substitute [ and ] for { and } {i} {/i} and like that, you can use a letter b for bold or a u for underline

does that help?

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Congrats on you clear scans.

I remember that before my scans in the beginning, I would have all these symptoms. I was 100% sure the cancer had returned. I think I was talking myself into symptoms due to the worry and stress of scans

It does get better as time goes on though.

hope you can try and relax a little now that your scans are good!

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