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Nutrition Suggestions or recomendations

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Am in need of some suggestions for nutritional diets. I have spoken with some dietitions and they have given me some tips and some reciepies.

Just prior to the start (approx 3 weeks) I went to the dentist with what I was fully aware of a lot of bad dental problems. From the exams, x-rays and recommendations of 2 dentists who told me I should highly consider having dentures made. I opted for this and went to an Oral Surgeon to have all of my remaining teeth extracted. I was then fitted with Temporary Dentures which I had some problems with due to the surgery and resultant small bone spurs protruding through the gums.

Then this lung cancer came into the picture and the weight loss shrank the gums further and the sores do not allow the wearing of the Temporary Dentures and until there is some results from treatment and the sores are taken care of the dentist says it is a waste of time and money to have the permanent dentures made. In the meantime I am trying to exist on Milk Shakes fortified with Protien, soups, soft type foods and gumming what I can and still losing weight (which is not concerning the ONC at this point) I certainly would like to have some weight type gaining foods that maybe I can find palatable due to the bad taste of food, any suggestions (I am aware you are not dietitions, but what have you experienced?) Please no Ensure. It makes me deathly ill



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If Ensure (and presumably its clones like Wal-Mart's Equate) are out of the running, how about Carnation Instant Breakfast? It comes as a powder in several different flavors which you can mix in whatever type of milk you choose. The taste is considerably different from Ensure.

Good luck and Aloha,


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I was diagnosed July 2007. A friend of my husbands had done extensive research for his Mother and told us about a product called Haelan 951. I have had treatment with cisplatin/alimta and gemzar/navalbine. I have not lost my hair,have not had any nausea,mouth sores or the multitude of other chemo side effects. The only drawback is the product costs about $50 a day. With the Lords blessing, we have had help from family members, we also refinanced our house. I really believe in this product. I have also heard that AHCC helps with all these side effects and it is not nearly as expensive, I have seen it on web sites ranging anywhere from $125/mo to $160/mo, at the recomended dose of 6 500mg tabs daily for someone with our diagnosis. My sister always looks up companies who sell these products on the Better Business Bureau. Hope this helps. Take care and God Bless.

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Hi Dick, You are in luck, because gaining weight is my specialty. :)

Not sure if you are still in radiation, it can do a number on the throat. Here are the things I can guarantee will cause weight gain, but not sure if you like or can eat any of these. :)

1. 2-3 sliced bananas covered with whipped cream

2. marshmallow fluff straight from the jar (just half a jar of this stuff per day is all it takes)

3. Twinkies or donuts(about 4 per day)

4. large serving of scalloped potatoes made with mushroom soup & chopped ham

5. 3-4 large muffins per day

6. 3-4 hot chocolates with whipped cream & marshmallows

7. 10 Lindt chocolate truffle balls

8. peanut butter

9. large softserve ice cream cone from DQ or MacD's.

OK. Health food it is not. If I ate "healthy" and just augmented my diet with ONE or TWO of the items below every day I would gain weight. I hope something on this list will work for you. Barb

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There is a drug called MEGACE that is very often prescribed to help with weight gain to cancer patients. MANY MANY MANY................... people have take it and had very good results.

This has been around for a very long time. I took it 12 years ago and it added the pounds on me!

Go to the NEW TREATMENT / CLINICAL TRIALS FORUM. There is a post in there that talks about MEGACE AND WEIGHT GAIN.

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Wow - haven't thought of Marshmallow Fluff in YEARS.

Many, many years ago I had some crazy blood infection and lost tons of weight (back then I couldn't afford it - I only weighed 99 lbs) and just couldn't eat. My doc suggested lots of ice cream with chocolate syrup and also - Mashed potatoes with tons of butter on it or lots of sour cream. Not the instant ones, real ones!! Also, a lot of those packaged soup mixes you make yourself call for heavy cream - that should help a little!!

Good luck - so sorry to hear you are having these problems.

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