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Haven't Been Here In Awhile - Sorry - But Now It's Back


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Hello everyone. I truly am sorry that I've been MIA the past few months but there has been so much to catch up on and it seems as tho I've been running in circles since the last time I talked with any of you.

I began having pretty bad headaches the past couple of weeks - some of them waking me up from a sound sleep. Then my equilibium started going a little funny by me getting dizzy each time I got up from a sitting position or bending over. It finally got to the point where I needed to see someone (and also to get d/h to quit naggig at me) and because of the quirky holidays weeks, I ended up in the Emergency Ward for diagnostics. The CAT Scan came back with a minumum of 3 brain lesions, the largest at that time was 38.3 mm and placing quite abit of pressure on the cerebelium point where it releases the brain fluid to the spine. They are giving me a year. I have since been hospitalized for two days and given two radiation treatments (in one day), another CAT Scan which showed at least 5 lesions, an MIR, a chest xray, steriods, percoset and I'm sure that there's something else I've forgotten. So it seems a little foolish to continue to send out our Xmas letter saying we beat this thing when we really didn't. My CAT Scan in September showed me all clean but it didn't scan my brain. Lucky Me! So, as is usually the case, I'll be seeing more of you........it's really based on need, isn't it? And I'm sooooo sorry to be coming to you again now when that need is present for me. I should have been here all along but was hoping against hope that this chapter of my life was over.

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Unfortunately Welcome Back.......

This site is for this exact purpose-you should be able to leave and come back when you need us!

Sorry to hear about the brain mets. How about Cyber Knife? No one can give you a year-or 2 or 3 for that matter. My Mom is here 15 months after they didn't give her 3! No one knows when it's their time so don't listen to that! Keep fighting !

Keep us posted


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I have read that brain mets can be easily managed with cyberknife if there are not too many and they are not too big. Yours should be easily treatable. There is a cyberknife facility in Seattle at Swedish Cancer Institute. Check it out. it is a good place to go for a second opinion anyway and a recurrence is a good time to get a second opinion. the U of W does not have cyberknife technology. In my opinion, they are bigger but not better than Swedish Cancer Institute.

I live near Humptulips Wa and was born in Bremerton.


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Hi There...

I am just so sorry to hear this...but please don't take the doctor's word about given 1 year...just read the posts carefully and see how many member's were given...3 months...1 yr...2 yrs...and they are still here and doing great....I think it should be against the law to put a time limit upon a person...NO ONE knows when anyone's time is up....except the 'Big Man'....All of our day's are numbered and not by any dumb *ss doctor's....

Keep fighting and stay positive...


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So sorry to hear your cancer is back. You must have been devasted with the news. It has to be hard to get back on top of it when you thought you had it licked.

I'm new to cancer and this site and don't have the faintest idea what a "cyberknife" is. I do have to agree though with Don M. I would certainly endorse the Swedish Cancer Institute if Dr West is an example of the people who give care there. I have corresponded with him a couple of times recently and think he's awesome.

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Never be sorry for coming back

everyone is welcome here

I am so sorry for your latest setback

I stopped posting for awhile too

although my cancer is not back, this site is very forgiving and not judgemental at all

this is the best site for help

keep posting; we care about you!

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