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Chemo put on hold


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Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long since I updated. I have been sick on and off for the last month. Seems like its just one thing after another lately.

I was supposed to start round 4 yesterday, but I got an abcess in my mouth and they put it off. I saw my dentist yesterday and he said that I need 2 root canals. My insurance will take 2 to 3 weeks to approve them.

Now I have to decide if I should wait for the approval or to have the teeth pulled. They will not continue my chemo until the work is done. I am so afraid it is not funny. If I wait the cancer has a chance to spread. I know that my life is more important than the teeth, but I am still having a struggle over this one (the teeth are my top 2 canine teeth...right in the front).

My husband is very upset with me about this, he says that he doesn't understand why I didn't just have them pull the teeth, but the dentist wouldn't do it with the abcess still there. They put me on antibiotics and vicodin for the pain.

I really don't know what to do right now, I sure could use some good advice on this.

I still haven't had my CT scan....was suppose to have one after this round, but now all of that is on hold.

I go to see my primary doctor tomorrow and I want to discuss this with him. I thought that once the infection was gone they could continue the chemo, but my oncologist says no, I have to have all the work done before they continue.

I will try to update after I see Dr. Ali tomorrow.


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Hi Bobbie,

I had to stop chemo several times due to other health problems over a period of many weeks before I could start back up and still had good results. You might want to ask the dentist how long will it be to get your teeth taken care of and ask your oncologists what impact if any it has on your cancer by holding off and could you get a CT Scan now to see where your at to ease your mind if there is a delay. Also my understanding was one did not have to complete every single chemo round in order to still have good results. Of course everyone is different and each situation is different. Hope this helps, prayers for the best.


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Oh Bobbie!!

This stinks. Truly a rock and a hard place situation. I would advise talking with Dr. West over at onctalk.com about this. SCLC is a whole different critter from NSCLC. I'm unclear why they would put off chemo if you can get the abscess under control -- sorry, not too knowledgeable about teeth and abscesses, maybe there is no control. Time is far more crucial in SCLC.

If Zometa for bone mets ever comes into the picture for you, dental work, especially pulling of teeth becomes a big deal. Just an FYI, but many hugs for some resolution that brings good news on both fronts.


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Sure does seem that if it's not one thing it's another, huh? I'd check with the docs to see if you'd be jeopardizing your tx plan by waiting for the teeth. Maybe even make a call to insurance explaining the situation. Sometimes the folks there CAN be compassionate.

In the meantime, hope the pain meds help you out. I'll be lookig for your update as to what you decided.


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