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Getting to Know You - January 15


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I really was born to shop. To me, shopping isn't about tbuying and spending money but is more about looking and getting ideas. I even love garage sales and thrift shops. My favorite thing is getting up really early and going to one garage sale after another. I love finding bargains and then taking them home and totally transforming them into something new and different. I get a lot of my ideas from shopping in the expensive stores.

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I used to love to shop......needed lots of clothes for work and enjoyed it. Not so much anymore since I don't work anymore AND I don't enjoy buying 2 sizes larger :?:cry::evil: !

Now about 'household' things.......I envy you, Ann. I have the creativity of a gnat and cannot imagine ANYTHING. I struggle with decorating and usually need lots of help. So I would say I am shopping impaired at the moment!


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I LOVE to shop - too bad I don't have money!! I don't particularly shop for clothes or shoes but I also love to go to resale shops and antique shops. Garage sales are the best - when my son Nick was little, he always knew there would be a box of little cars under one of the tables and he would head straight there!! I have found so many things that I collect at garage sales and resale shops for 1/2 the price of buying it somewhere else!!

My friend and I go about once a month to a place not far from here that is called the French Creek District - one antique store and resale shop after another!! Its wonderful!!! Have found so many treasures there!!

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I kinda like grocery shopping. Sorta, not a lot. Other shopping? NO! For many of the same reasons Kasey mentioned, including lack of decorating skills. It took us almost a year to find a sofa and I don't really like it. I have no talent in this area and am bothered when I have to even think about it. I guess I've said enough.


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I used to like shopping alone and aways

had a list prepared in case I found

something for later use (gifts) now

I only do some shopping and very fast

for food or when somebody is with me

otherwise I don't even look or have

any desire to shop.


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