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Dr G send Bob this e-mail. Do I have to worried I looked at the films. Her lung nodules are unchanged and brain looks great. There were 2 timy areas on her spleen that had not be previously seen. We can pay attendtion on follow up or get PET scan to help sort it out. I hope that she is feeling well. JG ----- Forwarded by Jennifer Garst/Oncology/Medicine/mc/Duke on 01/23/2008 01:34 PM ----- Thank you guys

Have a good night :lol:8):D

hugs bucky

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I have no vote here regarding your spleen, but hope that you feel good that you brain looks "great". I can tell you that my own spleen was found 12 years ago to have 2 large growths which ended up being of no consequence. You keep being so sweet and strong. We'll be waiting to hear after the PET. You'll manage, whatever the results.

Big hug, MC

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