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My mom is undergoing surgery for her brain met tomorrow and go figure I can't sleep. She can't get over the statistics and feels like she's fighting a losing battle. So I wanted to give her some encouraging stories while she recoups and starts chemo. Has anyone gone into remission, survived an extended period or have any hopeful stories I can share with her?

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Check out my dad's story! It is one I LOVE to share...though we were lucky that dad's was not extensive. However, I do know that Don from Texas had a brain met (if I remember correctly) and did cyberknife.

There is just SO MUCH hope out there.

Give mom my prayers,


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There are TWO SIDES to Stats and there's NO REASON She can't be on the SURVIVING SIDE!! I know of long term SCLC Survivors. Two of them are in my Lung Cancer Support Group. One is an 8 year and the other is a 7 year. They are both doing VERY WELL and they are CANCER FREE TODAY!!

DO NOT read the Stats. They only pull us down and the Stats are 5 to 7 years behind anyway.

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Thanks to everyone who responded so far. It just seems so crazy to me the way it spreads and spreads. I'm just in week three and nothing new has come up yet. The surgery went really well she is awake and attentive. They said they will do some targeted radiation after and start chemo in ten days. Is there just no chance at all that we remove the brain met do the chemo and the tumor shrinks? It seems like a constant battle.

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Paperback - I was where you are almost one year ago and I can tell you that besides some fatigue and hair loss from the chemotherapy..My Mom has felt great for months now and has been on the go, go, go.

I too researched up and down and felt hopeless until I found this and one other site that has survivors that helped me out.

I have found talking to folks that have SCLC or Caregivers of patients my MOOD changed as well as the rest of my family.

Please remember this can be beat....

My Mom goes in this afternoon to set up her radiation treatments to her lung and she is determined to beat this!!

Stay positive and eat healthy. My Moms doctor said her diet from day one has played a big role in her not losing weight and feeling good throughout chemo and radiation......

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