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Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted or checked in. I started a new job Jan. 7th and it has taken over my life....Which is good and bad!!

Throughout the last year, I could feel myself slipping into a depression which was getting worse by the day. I asked God for some divine intervention. In November, just after the Fundraiser, Charlotte LungStrong 5K, I received a call from the company I worked for back in MD. They expanded operations into NC and asked if I'd come back to work. For some reason, I could feel my sister behind this new offer. Call me nuts, but the timing was just too coincidental. It was right around the anniversary of her death.

Long story short, I've been working tons of hours which is helping me tremendously. Just returned tonight from a seminar where I was wearing my purple "cure lung cancer / LUNGevity Foundation" bracelet. So many comments about it, that I'm going to have to ask LUNGevity for more braceletts to pass around to co-workers. So, as you can see, I may be missing from the boards, but I'm still an advocate for LC awareness every place I go.

I'm hoping to be involved with the reunion in NC. Randy...if you're reading this, we need to try to meet sometime soon in Greensboro to discuss. Please email me if you have a chance.

Keeping you all in my daily prayers. Ellie

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Ellie, Sometimes missing from the Boards is the healthiest thing to do for yourself. Make a difference and get the word out there about lung cancer. That's a very important job to do and very HELPFUL to people like me and other lung cancer survivors that can't do the advocacy jobs anymore. It's GREATLY APPRECIATED!

It's okay to move on. You know where we're at, and you know you can stop by any time and say HI! I think it's a good thing when people take care of themselves. Being depressed isn't how to do that.

Good luck and don't work too hard. Stop and smell the Roses now and then too!! :wink:

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you need to drop me some contact info Ellie. Oh and Connie she does work for a Nursery selling flowers to Home Depot!!! :lol::wink::):D


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