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Looks like things are progressing in her lungs. The doctors have been watching her for over a year. This spot in her left lung had been stable. Since the last CT scan a few months ago, it has grown to 2.5 cm and she has a new spot in her right lung that is about 1.3 cm. I haven't seen the report yet, but apparently it mentions doing a PET/CT scan...she's talking about possibly taking some radiation, but no chemo...I hate LUNG CANCER!!!! I do not want to catch up with Connie (no offense Connie) for the number of family members that have had this awful disease. She is number three in the last 13 months. Add Charlie and we're up to four. This is awful! It will be awhile before we know what is going to happen with her...if they can find a way to prove whether it is cancer or somehow something else...or what her treatment options are, etc.

Thanks for reading...you'll are the best.


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No offense taken Tina, I wouldn't wish my family history on anyone! I wouldn't wish lung cancer on anyone either. I am very sorry your having to go through all this. Sadly enough it honestly brings back some sad memories for me as well. My mom and sister were dx.d 3 months apart from one another and they died 8 months apart from one another. Those were very trying and very sad times.

I wish I had something positive to say to you at this time, but there really are no words. I will continue to pray for HOPE and Get Well Wishes for your mom and strength for you.

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I somehow missed this post. I am sorry that things seem to be progressing with your mom. If it helps-- my MIL did radiation only and she lived 3 years. She may have had longer but she never went back for a check-up until she had a pleural effusion and was forced to see a doctor. She was 83 at diagnosis and felt she didn't want to do chemo. Cancer seems to move slower in older people. Keep us posted on how she does. I'll be thinking of you.

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I didn't miss this post, but THOUGHT for sure I had replied to it.

Tina, I'm not sure how much of all this you are expected to handle. It seems way over the top to me. You already know all the things any of us would tell you to do here, so may I add only that you are certainly in our prayers here and I remain hopeful things will turn around for you pretty darn soon. Be sure to keep us all updated. In the meantime (((Tina))).


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