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Nana's House


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With all that's been happening with my Dad dating, bringing other women into my parent's house, etc...I found myself wandering up to my oldest son Kyle's room and taking his most special book off the shelf to read. It's called "Everything Is Different at Nonna's House". It's about a little boy who goes with his mommy to his Nana and Pop-Pop's house (my dad is actually Pop-Pop, too). His nana makes him feel so grown up, so special...he just revels in the unique love he gets from her, and all the special things they do together. (Ironically I gave this book to my mom right before she was diagnosed, thinking we'd have her forever...I couldn't believe how it paralleled Kyle's relationship with my mom.)

So I opened the book to have a good cry and I came across this passage that I'd forgotten about, and it has SO much more meaning now. I thought I would share it, and maybe some of you who have lost the nana to your little ones would take a small measure of comfort in it. The little boy and his nana are on a moonlit walk...

"Look, Nonna!" I put my hands up, and the whole moon fits into them. "I can hold it! Right here! See? The whole sky is different. Everything is different at your house."

"We have a wonderful sky," Nonna says. "But it's the same sky all over. And it's the same moon everywhere, even when you can't see it."

"No, it's different here," I tell her. "At your house, I'm a big boy!"

"It doesn't matter where you are," Nonna says. "You're the same big boy. And no matter where we are, we love you, even when we're far away. Remember that..."

So I cried anyway. Thinking about how much of a bigger boy my little guy is since my mom went to Heaven, and reminded through this book of the relationship they had. Their bond was priceless, and he may not even remember it. But either way, somehow, somewhere, she is always with him, watching over him...

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Michele: Your post really touched me. I'm a Nonna who my special grandson calls Nonie and I swear I'll stay alive for him but know there are no guarantees. He is 9 yrs old but I am still tempted to buy that book and tuck it away somewhere just in case.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks guys...I didn't want to make anyone cry, but it's just kind of comforting and inspiring, huh?....

Stephanie - I have heard of "Motherless Mothers", and I keep meaning to check it out. I guess I haven't had the heart to yet, but I'm thinking I will try it very soon, now that you've mentioned it...and Sharon, please let me know how you like the Nonna book! Judy - I PM'ed you.

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