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My Journey


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My name is Diane and I'm a 43 yr. old woman from a small town in Northern Michigan. Two years ago this month I was diagnosed with non small cell carcinoma.

March 2006- Constant cough and excessive weight loss

Dr. ordered CAT scan, due to abnormality

on x-ray, was referred to thoriacic


April 2006 Diagnosed with stage IV nsclc.

Lung biopsy, PET scan, pulmonary

function, and bone scan.

Cancer diagnosed as inoperable at this

time, too close to the Aorta for surgery.

Surgeon suggests chemotherapy and radia-

tion to perhaps shrink tumor away from

the heart.

May 2006- Begin chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radia- tion therapy.

June 2006- Another CAT scan to check for

shrinkage of the tumor. PET

scan, pulmonary function and bone scan.

July 2006- Had surgery to remove entire left lung.

After 4 hour surgery, 4 day hospital stay

went home, doing pretty well.

Nov. 2006- Three month checkup, CAT scan is clear.

Feb. 2007- 6 month checkup, two small nodules found

on upper lobe of right lung. CAT scan,

PET scan, MRI, bone scan and pulmonary

function tests. Getting ready for

surgery number 2.

March 2007- Surgery- Wedge to remove 2 nodules in

upper right lung. Leak in lung, hospital-

ized 20 days.

July 2007- Three month checkup. Scan is clear.

Nov. 2007- Six month checkup. Scan still clear.

Feeling quite well.

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Great news, Diane!!! Congratulations on 2 years. There are many here who need to see folks such as yourself in order to reenergize their HOPE! We celebrate EVERY milestone attained here......so I will toast you with my morning coffee and wish you many, many more years of survival.

Thanks for the news..........and welcome to our place!


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Hi Diane. Welcome. I remember "talking" with you in the chat room last Tues. also. Hope you'll join us again tonight.

I had a second surgery 18 mo. after the first one. For me, it wasn't as scary, but the recovery was a lot slower. My first surgery was less than a month after the CT scan.

Glad your scans have been clear and hope they all stay that way.


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Hi Diane,

Congratulations on your remarkable history. I'm not sure where all your cancer is, only that you're a stage 4. It's really great that your doctors operated twice. I've found that to be pretty uncommon for patients with metastatic disease. You'll have to let us know where you get treatment. Congratulations again!


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