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Finally saying hello!


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Hello everyone, I am Michele and I confess to lurking here for a long time I feel ready to participate. You all have helped me more than I can express, if only I had found you sooner I would have saved myself a lot of worry and tears. I had very little hope (statistics are a monster :evil:). I am so glad I found you.

A little background here, I have been driving 2 hours to every appointment/surgery/treatment you name it that my mom has had since her surgery in October so I can help her navigate her journey. I am a medical transcriptionist (believe it or not pathology!) trying to decipher medical jargon etc. but I was not expecting a crash course in lung cancer. But here I am, I find there are more questions than answers with the docs.

Thank you for sharing your experiences :) to me this is more helpful than the bazillion websites I have visited trying to understand this, that or the other thing as the emotional aspect is 50% of what is going on at any one time.

Looking forward to sharing with you!


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Glad to finally meet you, Michele. If your mother has had surgery, well, I'm thinking that is a very good thing. You see all our info beneath our names, and I urge you to do the same. That is the best way for the very caring folks here to offer support and advice. At the top of this page in purple you will My Profile. Simply follow the directions and submit!

I welcome you and look forward to seeing updates on mom. Let us know how we can help.


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Michelle -

Welcome to the forum. Of course I am sorry that you needed to be here but this is a great place to come to.

Sounds like your mom is doing well. I hope she continues to do well.

She is very lucky to have you by her side.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Thank you for all of your warm welcomes!

My mom completed her first week of radiation, she expressed only feeling the need to suddenly take naps as her only side effect. She did sound a little hoarse, did anyone else experience this?

I wanted to tell you a little more about my mom who has been such a trooper through this. She lives with my stepdad who is 75 and also has COPD, my 45 y/o brother who has cerebral palsy, and my 5 y/o nephew who is in pre-school. I have never appreciated her personal strength as much as I have now. She has given me a whole new perspective on life and never taking it for granted, I think cancer itself does that. My mom doesn't have a particularly sunny outlook on the situation, rather she is stubborn about it, but it works :wink:

I'm rooting for her as well as all of you!


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Hi Michele - Just wanted to add my welcome. I am so glad you came out of lurker land! :D It took me quite a while to join too - but I am so so so glad I did. Everyone here is so helpful and their stories are so full of inspiration and hope.

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Welcome Michele,

I am glad you finally decided to jump in. Your mom sounds like a very special woman.

You mentioned your mom sounding a little horse after a week of radiation. One of the side effects my radiation oncologist told me was that the radiation could effect my throat + esophogus. Tell your mom to continue drinking lots of fluids to keep her throat lubricated. The docs do have a prescription cocktail that is available should she need some relief.

Keep us posted on how your mom/yourself are doing.

Wendy - 4 year Stage IV survivor

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