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My name is Wendy and my mom (78) was diagnosed with ED-SCLC with liver mets in Feb'07. She has had 11 month's out of 13 of chemo. She started with the standard, Etop/Carb ended that course in June and her scan at the end of August showed everything back and greater than that which showed on her May scan. We were devastated. I didn't want her to go on the standard second line treatment of Topetecan, because when she took her break, she wasn't all clear of the cancer, although a great reduction was achieved. Knowing that now she would be at her stongest, we choose to go with a different first line treatment of Irinotecan/Carboplatin, because of the great results in the Japanese study.

By the next Pet in Nov. she was NED. We were overjoyed. She just completed(yesterday) her final round. We will have the scan next week and pray this chemo cocktail has done it's job and rid her of every remaining cancer cell. She fought cancer off before 30 yrs ago, but has had to live without her voice box. Needless to say, She is one tough cookie.

I too am from the LCA site. I am not upset, I believe that we are not websites, we are people, with this terrible disease..and certainly am not in competition with each other..we are connected to each other.

That said, please vote for John Atkinson, 38, dx with Stage 4 NSLC at the Golf Digest site. WE ALL need to raise awareness any way we can. I came up with the idea to get 162,000 votes by the end of April to represent the estimated deaths from lung cancer this year. If John wins, he plays golf on June 15th, which will be televised by NBC for an hour before the US OPEN. The website is as follows and you can vote once a day everyday during April and it wouldn't be bad if you passed this along to your friends, I hope we can band together to get this to happen:

http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/usop ... _longvideo

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Welcome to the site. Glad you found us altho wish you had not had the need to.

It does sound like your mom is a tough cookie!! Good for her!! So glad it seems like the chemo is working for her.

Will send up a prayer for another GREAT scan for her.

Please let us know the results.

Hugs to both of you - Patti B.

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Patti and Connie-

Thank you for your wishes and prayers for her next scan. The doctor is very encouraging and said yesterday that he expects good results. I pray for them. All this chemo has taken a toll on her, so we are praying for more than an 8 week break this time around.

I didn't see the contest in the other category, so I hope I didn't offend anyone, I came up with the idea of 162,000 votes by April 30th, I just think that would make a statement and a goal.

Thanks so much,


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"WendyG" ...I didn't see the contest in the other category, so I hope I didn't offend anyone...

No danger of that around here, Wendy, just a big welcome to the LCSC!

I agree, your mom is one tough cookie, and you don't sound especially flimsy yourself. We could use more proactive advocates like you. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi Wendy!

LC Awareness is always welcome here. We definetly can use all the help we can get. Thanks for posting the information on the golf vote, someone may have missed it and yours is another reminder of how we can help.

I hope your moms scans come back clean next week. Keep us posted how she does.

Wendy from MN

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Hi all-


Thank you for your kind welcome.


Thank you, Ned,love your name!!


Thank you for your well wishes and I will make sure I let you all know the results.

And Wendy-

Gotta love that name. Thank you for your well wishes on the scans too. I am glad that I didn't offend anyone as I find my way around. I will keep you posted on the results..Do I do that here or in the SCLC category?

Thanks to all


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you can share results in either good news or test time forums. EIther way we always love to hear great news!!! :wink::) Prayers and Hugs!

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