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My hubsand just found out


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Hi all.. I was reading the message board and have seen some great success stories. My hubby who 56 just found out he has cancer in his upper right lung... He just had a CT scan done and will be getting a biospy this Wed. so we have no clue what is all going on yet. Deep depression has set in and we are just in shock.. His Mom had lung cancer and survived 12 years after treatments, I'm hoping he will do the same.

I sure could use some support.

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Hi Connie Jo. You will find lots of support and inspiring stories here. There is nothing worse than those first dark days of finding out. But it will get better I promise. Tell your husband he is still the same person as before this devastating diagnosis. I hope you get answers and a treatment plan soon. Keep us posted.


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browse the Good News Forums! THat is a Great way to get motivated. Our beloved Connie B is a 12? year survivor also!

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Thank you all... yep he is very depressed (and me too).. he goes Fri. to the Doctor I will ask for some "happy pills".

He wants to keep working his job and do the treatments, he is scared of us losing everything... all this is so overwhelming that I can only take one day at a time.

I'm worried he has it in his rib, he fractured his rib 3 weeks ago and that's how we found out. nothing has been said about met to rib and he has had 2 x-rays and a CT scan so far.

I'm a 2 time cancer survivor

myself so I know there is always hope.

P.S. sorry if I misspell .I'm lost without spell check.

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Hi, Connie, welcome to the group! The first few weeks are very hectic and stressful, but when your husband gets a specific diagnosis (cell type and stage) and a treatment plan, you should both feel a lot better. But I'm sure you know that, since you're a two-time cancer survivor yourself -- congratulations!

Let's hope the rib fracture was not a result of the cancer, but a "lucky break" that allowed the cancer to be detected early! Best wishes and Aloha,


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