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Hi everyone! Its been awhile since i've posted, but i've been thinking about you all! I recently recently got some scary news that a mole biopsy i had last week came back as malignant melanoma. Pretty uncommon in someone my age (only24). The Dr. said it looks like they caught it pretty early, but its still very frightening. It brings back all the awful memories of those first few weeks after i found out my mom had SCLC. I go to the dermatological surgeon on Tuesday May 20th so we can talk about treatment and determine how advanced it is. I know this isn't a lung cancer topic but i could imagine getting better support and encouragement than from the LCSC...you've already helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. Thanks again!


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Oh Rochelle, I'm really sorry about this. You've had so much stress and anxiety. You don't need this. You already know what the "waiting" is like and my guess is that it's even worse than your experiences with your Mom.

Please, please continue posting here and let us know what the derm. surgeon says and how the treatment plan works out.

Best wishes.


PS. Are you still in school?

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Check out this web site for melanoma. They seem to have some very engaged people on the site with lots of information on mm. The site is MPIP.org.

I found it when we were searching for support sites for my brother in law who had mm.

Best of luck, and be very aggressive in your treatment.

Shirley b

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I'm sorry you are having to deal with this! But I'm glad you had a doctor that was on top of it. My sister had a malignant melanoma on her leg (she was in her 30's) and they caught it really early. Did the surgery and made sure they took all the margins, just to be safe. She gets checked regularly and is doing great. Let us know what the plan is when you get more information.....


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H Rochelle,

Great seeing your pretty face. I know how scared you must be but anything caught early is a good sign.

Please keep us posted on what the dermatologist says on May 20th. Will be thinking of you and sending good vibes.

We are always here for you!


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