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Why Me???


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Enough is enough!! When I was in Florida about a month ago, I twisted my knee getting into my airline seat and there was a loud pop. Yeah it was painful and swollen for a few days. But, its been fine the last couple of weeks. Today I found out from an MRI that I have an ACL tear. I'm seeing the dr. tomorrow....LONG LOUD SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summary of things that have happened to me:

Battled with Charlie and lost him 2 years ago.

Back surgery due to ruptured disc injury from Feb. - Aug. 2006

Dad heart attack - Oct. 2006

Began experiencing hearing loss and tinnitis - Nov. 2006

Trip with my Dad to Denver to see lung specialist - Jan. 2007 (my mom too sick to go)

Large ovarian cyst found; tested for ovarian cancer - Feb. 2007

Mom hospitalized pneumonia - Mar. 2007

Ovarian cyst completely gone - Apr. 2007

Started experiencing vertigo and had hole in ear drum - May 2007

Rachel had knee reconstruction surgery - May 2007

Mom hospitalized staph infection (MRSA) - May 2007

Dad hospitalized and diagnosed with SCLC - June 2007

Moved to new house, had updates done to old house, put old house on market - June - July 2007

Started new full-time job - June 2007

Mom had 3 compressed vertebrae repaired - Sept. 2007

More vertigo episodes - Sept. 2007

Lost my dad to SCLC - Oct. 2007

Aunt diagnosed with glioblastoma brain tumor - Nov. 2007

Diagnosed with menieres disease (vertigo, hearing loss, and ringing in ear) - Nov. 2007

Septic drain field quit working at the old house (still for sale) and had to put new system in - Jan. - Feb. 2008

Aunt died - Feb. 2008

Trip for me to ER due to racing heartbeat - allergic to blood pressure medicine - Feb. 2008

Mom diagnosed with LC - most likely NSCLC - Feb. 2008

Mom falls and has multiple skin lacerations - Mar. 2008

Mom with leg infection (probably recurrent MRSA) - radical and very painful daily treatments to save her leg - Apr. - May 2008

Mom is now falling asleep for long periods of time during the day due to fatigue and pain medicine...not a good sign

Water valve broke at old house resulting in big water bill (luckily no water in house) - May 2008

Mom continuing daily treatments now with Anodyne therapy - still very painful - May - Jun 2008

June 2008 - ACL tear in my knee


Sorry this was so pitiful. I just needed to get it off my chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care you'll.

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Bless your heart. You have every right to scream. Sounds like things really piled up on you. I never could understand why that happens to some people and not others. I will just say that with all of that there has to be some blue skys ahead somewhere :!:

Keep your chin up. I have a neighbor who had one of those tears and it pretty much healed itself now.

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Thanks for everyone's support and love.

I would have responded sooner, but my Internet has been a snails pace for the last 2 days. Can't really do anything. Takes like 10-15 minutes of trying to be able to get to a message to read. We'll see if I can even get this response posted.

Thanks again.

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