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Dad Needs a CT and we need some prayers


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So I thought I'd ask you all to pray, since no one knows better why I'm having to work so hard at NOT freaking out over this.

Dad had a kidney ultrasound this week. During the u/s, they found a mass. Dad told me that the doctor said, "It's either cancer or nothing."

He'll be having a CT on Wednesday.

I know I shouldn't worry til we have something to worry about, and I'm doing an ok job of that except when I'm not.

Still it is scary, and it's quite a week to have this hanging over our heads, you know?

So pray for Daddy, if you would.

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Oh Val....this is so hard to believe at this time. I DO know what you mean. Easy to say not to freak, huh? I would be freaking big time in spite of knowing better. So all I can offer is support from afar, many prayers, and the hope that 'nothing' will be one of the best words you've ever heard. Hope it isn't too long before you know something.



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Of all weeks, not that there is ever a good week , but the same week of your mom's 3 years passing and same week you are headed to see your Gramma. Sending prayers for all of it Val. I'm so sorry you have this extra worry, but just maybe it is nothing... I'm not sure I would like that doctor. He sure doesn't mince words, but was that necessary to say that? Hang in there Val.. one day at a time.



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