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Got my dx


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Thank you all so much for rallying around me. I can only know that each one of you knows first-hand how warm and nurturing it is when you can feels the hugs of others.


A rep called from UNC Dr.'s office to tell me that a brain MRI would be scheduled for that day. I'll take a CD of the MRI with me to the Dr's appt. on Tuesday. Seeing my Dr. at 10:30 and meeting the oncologist at 1:30.

I have SCLC and will know on Tues. if it's extensive or limited.

The needle biopsy went well but I was out of it the entire next day. Terrible gas to cause terrible pain. It's over today, though and I feel myself again.

I have been doing a LOT of reading on this site. What a true blessing all of you are!

Yesterday Todd and I cried. We let it out and resolved to FIGHT.

I am ready. Scared, but READY:)

Deep Breath------I'm READY.

Lots of Smiles and Hugs,


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Kathy, That's all you can do, put on your game face scared or not and dive in. Treatment for most isn't a walk in the part but often not as bad as expected. That was the case with me.

Good luck and come back for empathy, a laugh or a hug whenever you need it. I tend to rely heavily on humor to get by and these people just make me laugh.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Kathy. Now that you are beginning to get the results back and a plan in place, it is great to see the fighting spirit beginning to take over. We are all here to support and help you in anyway we can. Take care.

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