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My introduction.


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Caren Welcome to the group!! Sorry we have to meet Ya this way but glad we did under the circumstances.

This is the site for support and education and compassion!!

If you look at the top of the page you will see a button that says Profile. Click on it and put your dads info there. This way it shows up in all your posts so you won't have to rewrite every time and we can glance and see what is going on.

Take a notebook or a small organizer to all Appointments for questions and answers and keeping track of everything It will help greatly!!!

Adenocarcinoma is most common type of LC and there fore most researched type so thats my good news for today!! This means best shot at treatment options!!!!

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Caren, I already said hi but Hi again!! We here are familiar with types of treatments and side effects and such How ever not all of us (allthough some are) are familiar with British health system. one of our members who is very active in UK has a site there as well and you may want to bookmark it in case you need some more info that we may not have!! Just click on this link to go to her site!!


I am a member over there as well.

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