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Update on Bill's Scans of September 17


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We had received copies of the scans taken last week, and we read them prior to seeing the doctor. We saw somewhat of a variety of aspects on them.

Yesterday, the oncologist went over the scan results with us. I asked questions that I had written down and he answered each one of them.

The brain was clear (no metastases), except for the same, unchanged ribbon of fluid on right periphery.

The right side of neck had some nodules growing, and the chest had a nodule which may, or may not be growing (could be due to interval making the slices when taking the scan). Keeping an eye. The liver had some specks too minute to determine, but the oncologist thought weren't concerning.

I am sorry if this all sounds clinical. At this juncture in our journey, I am becoming robotic when telling things. It isn't that I am not emotional. I am. My feelings run the gamut. It's just that I don't know how to talk about cancer anymore. It helps if I keep it factual.

Now, the oncologist said that he thought Bill might enter a clinical trial which they are having at the hospital.

He needed to see if Bill would qualify. The amount of former regimens would be the determining factor. As to Bill's stamina, he felt that he was "up for it." They would call and let us know.

He ordered future scans (this time, including pelvic area) in 9 weeks. We would be seeing him in 10 weeks.

In the interim, if Bill qualifies for the trial there might be a PET scan involved.

We wait.

Asking you all to keep Bill in your thoughts and prayers. He is doing well, otherwise. His activity level is quite good (rests when it is needed). This disease can be one helluva roller coaster ride.

Keeping hope in the forefront - always.


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All in all, sounds like Bill is hanging tough!! You know what they say, can't keep a good man down!!!

I hope that he does qualify for the clinical trial - I hate it that previous chemos keep people from entering those trials.

Keep us posted and give Bill a hug from me. Please take care of yourself, too.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Barbara, nothing wrong with the way you are telling it. There's a time for emotion and a time for detachment. I think relaying the doc's interpretation of the scan is the perfect time for a cinical approach.

It's tough for us (the cancer survivors), Barbara, but I hear in my husband's voice sometimes when he's talking on the phone to someone how tough it is for you caregivers. I'll keep you and Bill in my thoughts and here's hoping he gets in that trial with great results.

Judy not yet in Key West

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I''m wishing nothing but the best for Bill (you too, BArb) as the two of you continue down this rocky road we know as LC. Bill must be just one phenomenal guy as he just keeps taking what is thrown at him and coming right back for more. I'm sure much of the can-do attitude is, at least in part, due to a wonderful mate helping in every aspect along the way. IF the clinical trial is the way you guys are thinking you want to go ~ that's where I will pin my hopes too ~ right up there beside yours. Good luck.


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Dear Patti, Carol, Judy, Sandra, Kasey, and Katie,

This is the day after having had all the review of the scans.

Here's the thing: I don't know what is out there for what ails Bill.

The answers are not easy and my reading of the problem has come to depending on our oncologist's decisions - and much prayer.

But, I do know that this is the very first time that the oncologist told us that he wants to hit this with a clinical trial.

My knowledge of our collective, almost four-year journey is that whatever the drug is - he must think it's worthy of a try.

We have to wait and see.

My gratitude for your thoughts and prayers is deeply held inside of me. Your input matters - a lot. I think you all are the epitome of support.

Without you, and all of your posts to others and to us that I have read, this would be a very empty road.

I read much more than I reply, and all that reading has given me a structure on which to source. Thank you all, again and again.

God bless you for caring.


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Of course you are both in my thoughts and prayers. And I see nothing wrong with the way you describe things, then again my sister once described me as "calm, cool, clinical cat" - which is actually nothing like the usual me, but it is totally what is needed during a medical journey like this. Time and place for all sorts of emotions, including calm and clinical! :) Roller coaster ride indeed! Fingers crossed on the clinical trial, keep us posted!

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Connie, and Cat,

You both have added to the boost I have so needed.

Yes, you are absolutely right, Connie. As long as there is something to throw at this, Bill will be able to weather it through, I am sure. He didn't flinch when the doctor spoke of the trial. He's really game for most anything short of outright experimentation. :roll:

Cat, yes, a roller coaster ride is fun when you love the heights and the depths, but wouldn't we give a lot to have life just be boringly mundane. :wink:

I have yet to explain all of this to the kids (well, not really kids at "over forty.") Every time I talk about it, it becomes more difficult to explain it. Trying to find a balance between positive and negative that works in the interpretation of scans.

Thank you both for your support. Boy, do I need that.

Right now, I feel positive and hoping that he qualifies. If not, then we need to rethink what can be done.

My brain always has to have another plan in place - just in case - only thinking out loud here.


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I totally understand what all you are saying Barbara. I've told my sister (Barbara is her name too) that most of our family is involved in Kelly's battle in a Point A to Point B sort of thought process, where I'm already thinking through to Point R. :) And my brothers are older than your kids and I still find myself needing to parse out the information in doses I know they can handle, adn that's OK.

You are doing a great job, in case you hadn't realized it!

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